the beetle blouse

October 25, 2013


For being what Matthew calls a “girly girl,” I’m surprisingly not afraid of bugs or spiders. I’ll gladly step in when one of my friends has one trapped under a cup, or climbing down her bedroom wall. I’ll just scoop it up on a piece of paper and take it back to its home outside. You can’t blame the guy for wanting to be your friend!  So when I saw this Tory Burch beetle blouse I kind of had to have it. Not just because it’s cute, which it really is, but also because I think it’s a good reminder or something I’m’ not afraid of.  Rodents on the other case, are a totally different animal! Let’s just say I will not be wearing them on my clothes. ever! 
top Tory Burch {also here}, skirt Nordstrom {on sale for $31!}, shoes Coach via T.J. Maxx but a very very similar one!, bracelet C.Wonder, purse c/o Dooney & Bourke, lipstick MAC Candy Yum Yum {the birthday lipstick!}
Did I tell you guys I’m in New York? I swear I feel so turned around with what day it is and what month it is even! I honestly thought about it for a good 10 seconds today. Is it August? No, September? Wait, November already? So embarrassing! I really shouldn’t have any confusion about the month or season, though, because it is actually quite cold in New York right now. I was so surprised because I was just here a month ago and it was quite warm. For this trip, I was expecting that classic New York fall weather. You know, the one that Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox talk about in You’ve Got Mail? Bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils and all! Well, unfortunately the weather is more chilly than cool, and more windy than breezy. Luckily it’s not as bad as February’s visit, but still, these California bones will not get used to it, try as I might!
What are you guys up to this weekend? Anything fun and Halloweeny? So sad that Matthew and I will have to postpone our annual pumpkin carving contest until next weekend. Is that terrible? To carve pumpkins after Halloween? I won’t be back from New York until the 30th so I’m worried we won’t be able to do it in time. Maybe I’ll just ask him to get everything ready so that I’ll jump off the plane and start carving. I’m determined to win this year!
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