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April 10, 2014


birkenstock shoes
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In the process of putting together this post, I’ve gone from loving Birkenstocks, to hating them, to loving them, and back and forth a handful of times. I was excited when I first heard that Birks were coming back into style, 1) because I was mega obsessed in the mid 2000s and desperately wanted a pair {thank you, MK&A!}, 2) because they’ve been updated with prints and fun colors, and 3) just saying the name is fun. Birks! haha! Even with these three things in my favor, I stumbled upon the same issue I had 10 years ago {gosh I’m getting old!}. I’m not really sure how I could wear them and make them work for me. My style is pretty feminine, and these shoes are really anything but. Yet, can’t you see a pair of white Birks looking super cute with a floral dress, or a pair of leopard ones with distressed jeans and a simple tee? I see it and now I want them again. What do you think about the new/old Birkenstock trend? Do you like them? hate them? Would you wear them? 
Also, something interesting to note: Matthew is a fan. He mentioned a couple months ago that he liked them {lets hope he meant for me because I’m just warming up to the idea for Birks on girls}. So I guess even though these shoes don’t scream sexy, some men don’t mind them. 
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So what do you think? Are you a fan? Would you wear them? If so, how? This girl might need a little more convincing!