shades of pink

April 11, 2014


I’m not one to shy away from monochromatic looks. I’ve worn head to toe blue before {aand mint!}, and while this isn’t completely all pink, it is pretty close. The jacket is a pale pink and the top isn’t white, so it might as well be pink. Am I right?! In retrospect I could have gone pink crazy here with a pink pair of sunglasses & a pink purse but eh let’s call this one almost monochromatic and I’ll take a shot at it again another day. You know I have lots o’ pink to work with!
top Bella Luxx, skirt Bella Luxx {in black. in gray}, jacket French Connection, shoes {also here!}, purse Kelly Wynne, necklace T&J Designsthumb ring T&J, ring finger ring The One I Love, sunglasses Ruche
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What are you guys up to this weekend? Matthew’s family is coming up tomorrow from San Diego to see our place which will be fun. It’s not even close to being done {or started!} but it will be nice for them to see it. If the weather is nice I’m hoping Matthew and I can go on a bike ride too. Even if it’s just around the neighborhood. We have so much to explore still!
See you Monday, everyone!!