dressing for a rainy day

December 19, 2014


eyeglasses umbrella via M Loves M @marmar
Rainy days are my favorite! When I moved to Seattle after high school everyone was like, “Oh gosh the rain is awful.” It was actually one of the things I was looking forward to most, though. This may have to do with one of my favorite musicals being Singing in the Rain, but I think it also was because rainy days were a rare occurrence growing up. I always looked forward to them, and wanted them to last way longer than they did. When Matthew and I were dating we had the most amazing rainy winter but I feel like we haven’t had a year like that since. I have my fingers crossed for this winter though. Considering we had 3 days of rain in the past week I think things are looking good! Here’s what I wore on a recent rainy day in LA: a white belted coat, the cutest mauve rain boots and an eyeglass-print umbrella!
white belted coat via M Loves M @marmar
chooka rain boots via M Loves M @marmar
rainy day outfit via M Loves M @marmar
white coat and striped sweater via M Loves M @marmar
striped sweater similar 1 and 2, white coat Chicwish, jeans J.Crew, boots Chooka, umbrella Kate Spade, lipstick Vincent Longo Mulberry
Feeling super excited for the weekend. I’m going to try to get everything done before Christmas next week! {Gosh that came up quickly!} Matthew and I should probably watch a holiday movie this weekend but that means I’ll have to tear myself away from Gilmore Girls. The whole series is on Netflix now {!} so I’m rewatching it from the beginning. There are probably better uses of my time but I seriously love that show. My mom and I used to watch it when I was in high school and it brings back good memories. 
Happy Friday, Happy Weekend everyone!!

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