Giving the Gift of Fragrance with Bath & Body Works

December 19, 2014


giving bath & body works gifts to friends M Loves M @marmar
Every year my group of best friends and I will get together
at one of our favorite restaurants in LA for a little holiday celebration. We
always go to Mi Piace in Pasadena, eat the butternut squash ravioli, devour the
most heavenly tiramisu, and exchange presents. It’s something we always look
forward to since it’s been our tradition since high school! Because there are
three of them I love finding them gifts that vary slightly from each other.
It’s usually always beauty and skincare products because there are a lot of
varieties to choose from. I was so excited to partner with Bath & Body Works on this post
because ask my girls and they’ll tell you that they’ve accumulated quite the
collection of B&BW products from me over the years. I think one of the
things I enjoy most is actually the process of picking out the items. Each of
my friends is a little different and has their own personality, so the
fragrance has to reflect that. Here are the items that I picked out for my
besties this year:
Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes M Loves M @marmar
Pauline is the life of the party, always down for a good
time and will do anything for her friends. I picked out A
Thousand Wishes
for her because it’s sweet and sparkly and totally reflects
her personality. The Shimmer Swirl Lotion is so pretty and I know she’ll like
wearing it during the holidays.
 Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom via M Loves M @marmar
Hanna is a classic girl so I picked out one of my personal
favorites for her, Japanese
Cherry Blossom
. It’s a scent that will never get old! The cherry blossom
scent mixed with pear and white jasmine is refined but still so approachable.
giving Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath & Body Works M Loves M @marmar
Lizzie is Christmas obsessed! She loves the holidays and
looks forward to putting up her tree, decorating her house, making cookies and
wearing festive outfits. I knew that she’d love the Vanilla
Bean Noel
lotion because it smells sweet and amazing. Almost like you have
warm sugar cookies baking in the oven!
Wild Madagascar Vanilla via M Loves M @marmar
giving bath & body works gifts to friends M Loves M @marmar
giving bath & body works gifts to friends M Loves M @marmar
giving bath & body works gifts to friends M Loves M @marmar
giving bath & body works gifts to friends M Loves M @marmar
Bath & Body
has a fun promotion going on! You can get a Free Item with any
purchase of $10 or more {up to a $13 value!}. Use code 4745 in stores to take
advantage of it.
Bath & Body Works holiday promotions via M Loves M @marmar
Do you guys have a
favorite Bath & Body Works scent? My personal fave is Dark
introduced to me by another friend! It’s a perfect combo of berries
and vanilla!
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Bath & Body Works but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting my wonderful sponsors!

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