the friday five

February 21, 2015


the friday five with herringbone pillows, love you eye mask, dkny polka dot pajama set, rose and neroli reed diffuser and uggpure suede slippers M Loves M @marmar
Traveling this past week was lots of fun but so busy. I felt like I didn’t get much time to sleep {long days, late nights catching up on work, and oh yeah a 2am fire alarm!}. Needless to say, I was constantly thinking of my bed. Not the hotel one, even though it was comfy, but my bed at home. I have a pajama set that I love, slippers that I can’t take off, and a signature bedroom scent that makes me fall asleep in no time flat. This Friday 5 is kind of inspired by what I plan on doing a lot of this weekend…sleeping!!
My sweet friend Sheryl gave me these UGG PLUSH-LINED SLIPPERS for Christmas and I love them! I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned it on the blog because I probably spend 90% of my waking time at home wearing them. They are the most comfortable things ever. I have them in the tan color but this navy suede is so pretty too!
Matthew has to fall asleep with an eye mask because he is so sensitive to light. I was searching for a new one for him {he was wearing a fabric headband for awhile!}, and found this cute one for me. I’d feel very glamorous in this LOVE YOU EYE MASK! Matthew probably needs a more masculine one so I’ll keep looking!
I’m looking for some new pillows for our bedroom and always gravitate towards blues and classic designs. These HERRINGBONE PILLOWS are so pretty and I love the idea of having a combination of the different designs. 
I love a classic matching top and bottom pajama set. This DOT PAJAMA SET is so cute and it’s extremely affordable! 
Every room needs a special scent. This ROSE AND NEROLI REED DIFFUSER smells amazing. It’s a combination of floral and citrus which will aid in your journeys to dreamland!
Happy Friday everyone!

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