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February 20, 2015


new york photo diary M Loves M @marmar
I wasn’t originally planning on going to New York for Fashion Week this season. Every February I promise it’s my last season, mainly because each year there’s a terrible storm, but then something always changes my mind. It’s such an honor to be invited to shows {and there’s speculation bloggers won’t be invited in the future} so I guess I should go while I still can. I also take the opportunity to meet with brands and companies that I don’t see as often. Face time is so important. And then of course there’s of my favorite blogger girls that I only get to see a few times a year. I have to remind myself that the cold isn’t really all that bad and the pros outweigh the cons. Flight=booked, this year with travel insurance–just in case! I’ve done wrap ups of the shows I’ve attended in the past, but I’m sure you’ve seen all the photos  a dozen times over already. I thought I’d share some photos I posted on Instagram, and some that I forgot about that are still sitting in my camera roll.
I loved being able to attend the Kate Spade presentation and the J.Crew presentation. It was my first time at J.Crew and I was so excited. Yes it’s not high fashion but it’s my favorite mostly accessible brand. The styling is always impeccable and I love flipping through their catalogs/Style Guides, so seeing the models in person was especially good. Of course there was great color with peach outfits, pops of yellow, but I also loved the minimalist look of some of the gray ensembles. There were several items that I wanted to walk out wearing. Too bad we have to wait until fall! Kate Spade was feminine and fun, just like you’d expect, especially their holiday dresses. I think everyone was taken by the pink dress with the bow in the back. It was insta-famous!
I ate some great meals, like brunch at Landmarc, oysters and a lobster omlette at bobo, and of course a ‘shroom burger from Shake Shack with fries AND a chocolate shake! That place is so good, although In-N-Out still wins hands down in my opinion! 
I got a lot of home inspiration when I went to the AERIN showroom and also the ABC Carpet and Home Store. I could have spent all day looking around! In another life I totally want to be an interior designer!
I saw a bunch of blogger friends like Merritt Beck and Mary Seng at the Design Darling brunch that Mackenzie Horan threw. I also stayed with two of my favorite girls, Monika Hibbs and Rach Parcell. They are both so sweet and we had the best time together. As much as I missed Matthew, it was fun to have some girl time. I also got to watch The Bachelor. I used to watch that show all the time and now that we don’t have TV {Netflix and Hulu only} I forget about it!
I’m hoping to make another trip out to New York this spring, when it’s not so crazy cold! Every trip to New York is so fun though. It’s the kind of city that gives you a little extra energy and passion! It’s go go go but that can be inspiring!

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