Monday-Friday Hairstyles

August 7, 2015


Styling Your Hair Monday-Friday M Loves M @marmar
Back to school/back to work is right around the
corner, can you believe it? I always love picking up some new clothing pieces
in fall colors, paper products to keep me organized, and some hair and beauty
products for fun, new looks! I’m always looking up beauty inspiration, especially after Fashion Week, and then
going into Sally Beauty to get products to
recreate them. Sometimes I feel like I just wear my hair the same way,
every day, but I love doing things a little differently, especially for fall. It’s fun to have a new look for a new season.  I
thought I’d put together some Monday-Friday hair inspiration for different
hairstyles you can try throughout the week. Bonus: they’re extremely easy so you can still get out the door quickly!
On Sunday nights I like to do a beauty refresh. It’s nice to start
the new week feeling all clean and sparkly so that means showering, doing hair
and face masks, removing chipped nail polish and maybe applying a new color,
unless I’m giving my nails a break.  When it comes to my locks, I always
make sure to wash my hair, apply a hair mask
like the Hair Chemist Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque, dry it with a blowdryer, like
the Ion Whisper Quiet, and go to sleep.
Styling Your Hair Monday-Friday M Loves M @marmar
Monday mornings, I spritz my hair with Beyond
the Zone Turn Up the Heat Protection Spray
 and then add some curls with a flat
iron.  I love this Ion
Gator Titanium Styling Iron
it heats up really quickly and stays consistent while I style. This is my usual
go-to hair look after I wash and blowdry.
Styling Your Hair Monday-Friday M Loves M @marmar
Tuesdays I pull my hair up into a half ponytail and sometimes I’ll just tie it off or I’ll make a cute little bun. I like to make sure to pull out some pieces of hair around the face so that it’s a little softer and not as harsh.
Styling Your Hair Monday-Friday M Loves M @marmar
Ponytails are an easy hairstyle but it’s fun to make them a little
more fun and sporty.  These clear
DCNL Gummi Elastic plastic hair ties
come in handy for a variety of hairstyles, but I loved adding them on my
ponytail. This hairstyle would be great for a workout too!
Styling Your Hair Monday-Friday M Loves M @marmar
Thursday I went a little more romantic. I added some volume to my
hair at the crown with an Ion
Anti-Frizz Rattail Tease Comb
, pulled my hair into a low ponytail,
and then separated some of the hair above the tie at the nape of the neck and
looped the ponytail through a few times to make a low bun. I added a few MetaGrip
Bob pins
and sprayed it with a light TIGI
Pro Look Set Hairspray
Styling Your Hair Monday-Friday M Loves M @marmar
Milk braids are a great Friday casual hairstyle! I start with my
hair in low pigtail braids and then cross them over to the opposite side of my
head. Sturdy
MetaGrip Bob pins
 are a must,
and then mist with some hairspray on top and you’re out the door in no time!
I’d definitely recommend going into your local Sally Beauty to
find some of these products to do your own hair looks. Do you have any fun
hairstyles you like doing during the week? It’s nice to mix things up a bit!


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Sally Beauty but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsors.

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