5 Ways to Adjust Your Workouts This Fall

October 29, 2015


How to Stay Motivated for Working Out During Fall M Loves M @marmar

With the fall and winter seasons come holiday parties, evening events, the end of Daylight Savings Time, and pretty much a ton of excuses not to workout. At least for me anyway. I’m trying to stay motivated, though, and now that the weather is starting to cool down (hooray!), I’m excited to take advantage of outdoor workouts. Read on for 5 Ways to Adjust Your Workouts This Fall!

make sure to stretch before you go running to prevent any injuries M Loves M @marmar

How to Enjoy Working Out During Fall M Loves M @marmar

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infuse water with slices of oranges . So refreshing to dirnk after a workout! M Loves M @marmar

staying healthy during the fall M Loves M @marmardress in layers for fall workouts M Loves M @marmar

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5 Ways to Adjust Your Workouts This Fall

  1. Take advantage of crisp, fall weather. Now that it’s cooler outside you can go running and not feel like you’re going to die from heat exhaustion!
  2. Dress in Layers! Vests and light jackets are great to wear on top of workout shirts.
  3. On the days that the weather is a little chillier, take your workout inside. I’m a huge fan and believer of yoga and there are so many great apps and DVDs that will help you with your practice.
  4. Adjust to the shorter days (dark mornings and early nights) rather than opting out of your workout. You can even get in a short & sweet workout by walking around the block solo or with your furry companion. I love taking Ginger on walks in the mornings and evenings. It fits in exercise for both of us!
  5. Refresh with fun & warm fall drinks that battle flu season germs. I usually switch from coffee to tea in the fall. Green and black teas both have tons of health benefits. Also, I love adding orange slices to my water for a little extra flavor and Vitamin-C!

To give me a little extra motivation, I got some new workout clothes from CALIA, Carrie Underwood’s active line. I’m not really one for expensive workout clothes {I just sweat in them!}, so I usually stock up at T.J. Maxx and Target. They definitely do the trick but a few months ago I got a package from CALIA and now I don’t want to go back. The quality is incredible, the fit is amazing, and the price won’t break the bank! If you’re looking for some new workout clothes, definitely check out her line! I had friends that went to her show in NYC during Fashion Week and they said the best things too!

Do you have any recommendations for adjusting your workouts during fall and winter? Share with me below!


photos by Valorie Darling