Pumpkin Pickin’ in Ventura

October 28, 2015


       M Loves M pumpkin patch outfit @marmar

After Matthew and I got back from Portugal, we hit the ground running for fall. Since we got back mid-October we wanted to make sure we could savor the season as much as possible. That meant decorating our house and also finding a pumpkin patch! Unfortunately, in Los Angeles there aren’t many pumpkin-on-the-vine patches. Most of the pumpkin patches here are constructed with tents and straw in parking lots behind malls. While those can be great, I really wanted to find one that felt a little more rustic and homey. I did some research and decided our best bet was heading north to find pumpkins on the vine in Ventura County.

The pumpkin patch we loved from a few years back {wow 4 years!} didn’t quite look the same but we found McGrath Street Pumpkin Patch and it was great! They grow pumpkins right on the vine and have a lot of options when it comes to pumpkins, including cooking pumpkins and gourds. I saw ones in baskets that I didn’t even know existed! We got a couple that we’re going to bake this week for Halloween. If you have any good pumpkin recipes, please share! I don’t think the ones we got are sweet enough to use for Pumpkin Pie Trifles but now I’m craving all sorts of pumpkin desserts! I hope I’m not alone in my pumpkin obsession these days!

real pumpkin patch near Los Angeles in Ventura County with lots of options M Loves M @marmar

picking pumpkins in Ventura County M Loves M @marmar

plaid shirt fall outfit M Loves M @marmar

pumpkin on the vine patch near Los Angeles M Loves M @marmar

pumpkins on the vine in the los angeles ventura county area M Loves M @marmar

picking pumpkins for Halloween M Loves M @marmar

McGrath Street Pumpkin Patch M Loves M @marmar

pumpkin patch picking in Los Angeles M Loves M @marmar


dress . jacket . boots . lipstick in Carmine

I’m so glad we were able to fine pumpkins on the vine in Ventura! They’ll be perfect to decorate our front stoop with. I hate to say it but Matthew and I might not carve our pumpkins this year! I know, I know! Every year we do a Pumpkin Carving Contest, and then last year we got super lazy. Like drawing with sharpies on our pumpkins lazy! I honestly think Matthew is scared of losing to me again! But we’ll see, maybe I can convince him!