Designing our Sitting Room

October 23, 2015


designing a sitting room with a gray chesterfield style sofa M Loves M @marmar
While most of our house is coming right along, the one room that we’ve had more issues with is our front living room. The room is in an odd size and it doesn’t fit a traditional living room layout. It faces the entry way, there’s a furnace that takes up quite a bit of room along one of the walls, and the space opens up into our dining room. The room won’t even fit a TV! We’ve focused more on our living room, which is where we spend the majority of our time, but this room just stares at me every single day. It’s what I see when I enter the house and when I leave it, so I was determined to do something about it.
Back in April, I spent a lot of time looking for the right couch. I knew that I really wanted a Chesterfield sofa. It’s classic and elegant style is fitting for our front living room, now dubbed “the sitting room.” Since it’s a room that people will just be sitting and chatting in, I liked the traditional tufted back and historic rolled arms. It’s also a style that could stand up to some mixing of modern pieces.  When I came across this sofa from High Fashion Home, I knew it would be perfect. The hardest question was deciding which color to go with. I ended up landing on gray because, while I love jade and even that mustard color, I felt that gray would be the most versatile choice. Gray is a good neutral and it stands up well with other colors. I’m excited to share the first peek into our sitting room, where you’ll see me sitting around haha! I’m just starting the design process but the first step was the couch. I can’t wait to share what it looks like when it’s all finished!
reading a book on the couch M Loves M @marmar
mirrored gold side table M Loves M @marmar
reading a book on the couch M Loves M @marmar
rolled arm sofa M Loves M @marmar
casual mornings at home M Loves M @marmar
chesterfield style sofa from high fashion home M Loves M @marmar
cozy mornings at home M Loves M @marmar
 Are you a fan of chesterfield style sofas? Here are some of the other ones I was looking at. I was also seriously contemplating this sofa. Sigh, that emerald color is so perfect! If you could pick any color sofa which one would you go with?

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