Styling Cropped Pants

October 25, 2015


    pink coat with burgundy pants M Loves M @marmar

Happy Monday everyone!

First of all, I think you might be noticing that it looks a little different around here. Or, a lot different! After months of working on a redesign the new and improved M Loves M is here. Something else really exciting is that it’s also officially yay! It’s been a long time coming. I remember thinking 6 years ago, “oh is a fine URL.” By the time I finally realized “No, it makes more sense to have,” someone was using it for their wedding. Love me some M&M couples! It’s taken a little bit of patience but I’m happy to have it finally. If you have my site saved in any bookmarks, please make sure to update the links. They’ll redirect, but it would just be a lot easier that way.

I really hope you like the new site. There are easy to view category pages for my RECIPES, and STYLE posts, and since I’ve been doing more BEAUTY and LIFESTYLE posts, we created categories for those as well. Please note that there are some kinks we’re working out but hopefully it will working at it’s full potential within the week! If you can, I’d really love to hear your honest thoughts and opinions. It would be so helpful for me to know what you like, and especially what you don’t like, or any features you wish the site had. I know change is hard at first. Personally, this has been a huge adjustment. There’s a reason why I haven’t changed the site in almost 2 years! But in time I think it will start to sink in and feel totally right.

Now, onto this outfit…

I’m not quite yet done with my pink and burgundy obsession! This time I paired my burgundy pants with a gorgeous cream lace top {it also comes in black and blue!} and added a pink coat on top. I love the texture of this coat. It’s so cozy and also looks really good snapped all the way up!

Styling cropped pants can be a little intimidating I think. At least when you’re used to wearing jeans all the time. But cropped trouser pants and jeans are not really that different. Sure one is more dressed up, and another more casual, but most tops that you can wear with jeans will look great with trouser pants as well. I think cropped pants look especially nice paired with a heel that will help elongate the leg. These leopard print heels look so pretty with burgundy, don’t you think? Really, anything looks good with leopard! Am I right?

pink boucle coat M Loves M

lace top and burgundy pants

pink and burgundy fall outfit inspiration M Loves M @marmar

feminine lace blouse from anthropologie on M Loves M @marmar

feminine fall outfit with lace blouse and burgundy cropped patio pants M Loves M @marmar


photos by Kim Le Photography