faux fur and lace

November 2, 2015


faux fur collar coat with lace blouse on M Loves M fashion blogger @marmar

I feel like this lace blouse is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces! It’s great for work with cropped pants, but it’s totally meant to be with a pair of denim. It seems like it’s finally starting to cool down around here so I’m bringing out my coats for the cooler evenings by the beach. The extra warmth might not be totally necessary but gosh darn it, it’s fall and I want to dress like it is! Plus, this faux fur collar coat goes with everything! It’s great for adding a little glam factor, whether that’s with a little pink dress outfit, or with a lace blouse and jeans. Faux fur and lace always look so good together!

faux fur collar coat with jeans M Loves M @marmar feminine fall outfit M Loves M @marmar faux fur collar coat from kate spade on M Loves M @marmar dark jeans with nude heels M Loves M @marmar yellow tassel bag with faux fur collar coat M Loves M @marmar lace blouse with jeans M Loves M @marmar feminine lace peplum blouse M Loves M @marmarlong sleeve lace anthropologie blouse with jeans on M Loves M @marmar

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Is anyone else having a hard  time believing it’s November? November, people! I obviously knew it was right around the corner but all of a sudden Halloween is over, the time change happened, and it’s November! I have to say I’m loving this extra hour since Daylight Savings Time ended. At least I loved it yesterday. I woke up at 7:30, thought it was 8:30 and was so productive before it was even noon! But going to bed early is definitely the hard part. I tend to be a little bit of a night owl. It’s just so much easier to power through and stay awake at night to get things done. I’m planning on trying to stay on the old time though so I can trick my body into waking up earlier. We’ll see how long it lasts!

By the way, Matthew and I passed out all of our Halloween candy! Remember when I said we got ten Costco bags? Yep, all gone! Not even one Twix to spare for a Nov 1st treat! It was a busy night but a lot of fun! So many kids had the most creative costumes and the coolest makeup. And some were actually scary! We had one giant that was about 10 feet tall. Not even kidding! We were like “Watch the power lines!” So funny! I hope you all had a wonderfully spooky Halloween too!


photos by Kimber Brown

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