Falling In Love with Perfume

April 28, 2016


sharing my story of falling in love with perfume

When I was younger I was always so infatuated with the idea of being a woman. I remember watching my mom carefully apply her lipstick, curl her hair, select her jewelry and spritz on perfume. Everything was so beautiful that of course I couldn’t wait to be able to experience it all myself. There are a few things I just begged my mom for, one was getting my ears pierced, and the other was buying my own perfume. If you saw my collection now you’d understand that I’ve been obsessed since a very early age. Falling in love with perfume is one of my biggest hobbies! I have fragrances that connect me back to major life events, like going on my first date with Matthew, graduating college, and even adopting our dog Ginger!

talking about the bombshell victoria's secret perfume

what I like to add to every outfit

After my mom agreed to buy me my own perfume, we went to the mall. Side note: She was probably relieved that I’d have my own and wouldn’t be using hers all the time! Of course I wanted to go into the store that most resembled womanhood to me, Victoria’s Secret. After spraying on a handful of fragrances, I went with the Love Spell fragrance mist, probably hoping to captivate my secret crush. It was the perfect starter to my collection and one that I’m still obsessed with to this day.

floral dress with curly wavy hair the most popular perfume from victoria's secret
victoria's secret number one perfume bombshell

Victoria’s Secret now has a wide collection of fragrances and perfumes, with Bombshell being their #1 and most popular. This fragrance is one of my favorites and I’m thinking it would be a great gift for my mom for Mother’s Day, especially considering our history with perfume and Victoria’s Secret. There’s a combination of citrus and floral notes in the fragrance that I think she would love. There’s Shangri-la Peony from Tibet, Madagascan Vanilla Orchid, and the unique addition of Italian Pine. It’s one of those fragrances that works for everyday wear, day or night. Totally perfect for my confident and beautiful mom!

perfume is the ultimate accessory

I’d love to hear about your first perfume!


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