My Birthday Dress

June 8, 2016


a floral beaded slip dress is the perfect choice for a special bday

There aren’t many times that you can wear a beaded dress so I’m all about taking advantage of every opportunity! Today I’m one year older so it seemed fitting to wear this floral beaded number as my birthday dress! I actually love how it’s a dress that’s fancy but not too fancy. The dress is made completely of beads but from far away it looks like it could just be a regular print. I love the intricate detail, though, and the soft color palette is a must for spring.

Since it’s my birthday I’m doing a little bit of reflecting on the past year and the one that’s about to come!

dressing the bump for parties and events floral beaded slip dress with long pendant necklace loose messy brunette waves dressing the birthday bump pale blue shoulder bag with floral sequin dress floral beaded dress with steve madden slithur sandal heels white floral beaded dress with orange red lipstick

dress {love this option under $150!}. sandals {under $100 and on sale!} . bag . sunglasses {also come in black!} . earrings {on sale!} . necklace . bracelet one . bracelet two . lipstick in Lexington Ave Coral

On this birthday I’m one year closer to 30! Gah! I can’t believe I’m turning 29. Wasn’t it just my 23rd birthday?! This year I’m hoping to work on the following things:

  • Develop a better work/life balance. This is something that will have to happen once the baby arrives but I’d love to settle into a routine where I feel happy with what I’m accomplishing work-wise while not sacrificing special moments with my family. I’m hoping that I’ll know when to turn things off, and also be ok with that. There’s going to be a big shift in my priorities this next year, which I think is understandable and totally acceptable. For the past several years I’ve been able to work on my own time and schedule but now I’m going to have a job that’s even more important: mom!
  • Savor each precious moment. Just as the last several birthdays have flown by, so will time with a baby! Next year at this time we’ll have an almost 9-month old! That’s already crazy for me to fathom! I want to make sure to enjoy every moment as best as I can, even the hard ones like sleepless nights, crying fits, diaper explosions, teething, etc. I have to remind myself that this too will pass.
  • Make time for Matthew. These past five years of marriage with Matthew have been so special and wonderful. Even when we’re not doing anything at all, we still find a way to have fun. I want to make sure we still take time for each other by going on date nights. While the baby will be a big part of our lives, I want to still stay connected with Matthew like we are now.
  • Learn something new. I want to challenge myself to learn more about photography and editing. I love shooting photos but as a blogger I’m usually on the other end of the lens. Since we’ve been doing more home and lifestyle projects I want to gain a better understanding of my camera and learn how to take better photos.
  • Try to minimize. I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have that I really don’t need. I want to shop smarter and make purchases for items that are versatile and functional. I also want to let go of items I don’t really need or care for. I feel like de-cluttering will make me a much happier {and more sane!} person.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! Matthew and I have a fun day planned, starting with a walk on the beach, and ending with dinner at our favorite restaurant! I can’t wait!


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