My Second Trimester

June 7, 2016


M loves M- My Second Trimester

It’s hard to believe that today I’m starting the third and final trimester! I feel like it was just yesterday that I announced my pregnancy, and here we are in the home stretch! My second trimester was really special and wonderful. I’ve absolutely loved watching my belly grow bigger each week. Sometimes I’ll catch my reflection in the mirror, or look at a photo, and be like, “Wow that’s my belly?!” It’s so surreal thinking about this sweet little life growing inside of me. What a miracle!

white bohemian dress with sun hat and pink bag

My Second Trimester

At exactly 21 weeks {to the day!}, I felt our baby’s first little kicks. I was laying in bed reading and all of a sudden I felt something like a gas pain. Then it happened again. I moved my book to the side, looked at my stomach, and there was a kick! I actually saw it! I feel like I skipped the “flutter” stage that everyone talks about and went straight to the baby kicks. Matthew was out of town that night but I texted him right away and the next night, when he got home, he was able to feel the kicks too! Ever since then this baby has been one active little bee. The baby moves even more when I’m laying on my side. It’s actually almost like a bubbling/rippling feeling that I can watch across my side. I joked with Matthew that this baby better only have 4 limbs!

One thing I loved about the second trimester was getting my energy back. If you remember, in the first trimester I was sleeping almost 12 hours a night {i.e. half a day!!}, and also needing to take afternoon naps. In my second trimester though, I started to be fine getting 8-9 hours again, and napping was no longer crucial. It was nice to feel a little more productive, although my Netflix account felt slightly neglected!

Up until the 24th week, I was waking up at least once in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Now it’s not quite as common. I’m still very comfortable when I sleep, but I’ve been placing a pillow between  my knees for a little extra support these past few weeks. There were a few nights where I was waking up with Charley Horse cramps {the worst}, but luckily it’s not too frequent.

My belly really popped during our trip to Hawaii. It felt like overnight I could no longer fit into my jeans or my bras. I was getting by with the hair band pants trick but finally had to bite the bullet and buy some maternity jeans. I’ve loved this distressed pair that has a full panel belly, and I can’t wait get this dark pair of maternity jeans I just ordered.

sun hat with white bell sleeve dress


Feeling: More energized and excited for baby’s arrival. I’m so glad that Matthew and I were able to take a little babymoon in the second trimester! It was nice to get away, reflect on our relationship, and look forward to what’s to come!

Craving: I still haven’t had any big, or unusual to me, cravings but for dessert I’ve been making stovetop s’mores and they are soo good! Also, I’ve been making homemade granola every week which I’ve loved having in the morning with almond milk, or in the afternoon with yogurt and fresh berries.

Reading: I finished The Happiest Baby on the Block the other week, which I really enjoyed! I just started The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy which is pretty fun, but I feel like I want to start reading some labor and childbirth books. If you have any recommendations let me know!

What I’m most excited about right now: Right now I’m getting so excited about the baby’s nursery! We’re getting started on that this week which is going to be great. Once we have that room together I’ll feel slightly more prepared to bring this baby home. I’m also really looking forward to some of my upcoming showers. I have one in LA at the end of the month, and then one in San Diego in July!

M Loves M baby bump

I’m looking forward to the third trimester, and eventually meeting this little baby, but I’m also a little sad to say goodbye to this trimester. It’s been such a fun and exciting time telling people we’re expecting, and also finally feeling confident and safe in our pregnancy. The fact that my second trimester is already over just goes to show how quickly it all goes by. I’m going to try to savor every moment of this third and final trimester before this little one comes. Thank you all for your sweet comments on blog posts and social media. I’m so grateful for all your kindness and support!

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