How to Enjoy a Night In

August 18, 2016


How to Enjoy a Night In

Lately my me-time has been pretty limited, and I know it’s going to continue that way once the baby arrives! Matthew and I took advantage of a little weekend away this past Saturday and Sunday and that was so good for us! We needed a last little vacay trip just the two of us.

I’ve personally needed some time to relax just me though. Between reading any baby book I can get my hands on, putting together the nursery, and trying to get caught up on work, I haven’t had time to just decompress. Last week, when I was surrounded by a huge to-do list, I reminded myself that I needed to take advantage of a night in pre-baby.

While I know every night can’t be completely indulgent, it’s so necessary every once in awhile. There is NOTHING better than a night in with no e-mails or work, just pure relaxation. It also gives me so much motivation the next day to jump back into work feeling nice and refreshed. While we can all claim that we’re “too busy,” we really have to make ourselves a priority. If you need some encouragement for how to enjoy a night in, this post is for you!

painting nails for a night in

I usually start my night-in by taking a bath or shower. I put in a deep-conditioning treatment, and of course a face mask. A night-in isn’t complete without a little pampering, am I right?! Afterwards, I pick out a pretty nail polish color and settle in on the couch for my night-in. Since my hands are pretty limited while I’m painting my nails, reading magazines are out of the question. Instead, I put on my headphones and open my absolute favorite app {you know, besides Instagram}: Audible.

listening to audible while painting nails the best app to listen to for a night in

One of my favorite things to do when I drive is listen to podcasts and audiobooks, so Audible has been a God-send. Living in LA, they make the drive go by so much faster. Audible is an app service that plays books on tape essentially. I was an English major in college and I honestly feel this is the only way I can make time for reading still. Kind of sad but anything that allows me to consume a book is a win! One book that I’ve always had on my list for years has been Anna Karenina. I just started listening to it and oh my gosh it’s what soap operas are made of! There’s romance, political intrigue, and so much drama, all set in 19th century Russia. I love it! Plus, it’s narrated by Maggie Gyllenhaal who has the most magical voice of all time. Listening to this while I paint my nails and allow them to dry is absolutely perfect. I can just kick back on the couch with my hands straight out in front of me like a mummy and tune into one of Leo Tolstoy’s most epic stories! Have any of you read it?

favorite things for a night in

I also think that snacks {and easy snacks, might I add!} are crucial for a night-in. That means I usually pop some popcorn and make myself a mocktail. And of course, a candle is burning in the distance to really set the mood!

popcorn is the best snack for a girls night in a festive drink is a must for a night in how to enjoy a night in

Hopefully this post will give you a little inspiration to have your own night to yourself, whether it’s taking a bubble bath, catching up on magazines, reading or listening to a new book, or even just baking cookies! Sometimes you just need a night like this! It’s good for the soul!


P.S. If you’re interested in checking out Audible they have a free 30-day trial with a download included! Some of my other favorites include The Girl on the Train, All The Light We Cannot See, and of course anything by Jane Austen!

Thank you Audible for partnering with me on this post. The thought and opinions, as always, are my own. Thanks so much for supporting my sponsors!

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