My Third Trimester

August 9, 2016


M Loves M- My Third Trimester

It’s hard to believe that I’m now officially 37 weeks pregnant! Where has the time gone?! While I still have another 3 {and maybe 5?} weeks left of my pregnancy, this bun has cooked and could come anytime. While that makes me extremely nervous {we still have a ton to do}, I’m also getting incredibly excited. I thought I’d share a little bit about how my third trimester has been for those of you who are interested:

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My third trimester hasn’t felt much different from my second trimester, except for the fact that I’ve gotten so much bigger. Sleeping has become a little more difficult because turning over in bed is a greater challenge. My belly is now much larger, and heavier, so turning over is a process. The good news is that I don’t catch myself sleeping on my back anymore because there’s too much pressure when I lay that way. Most nights I wake up at least once to go to the bathroom, and it’s usually around the same time. If I go to bed early, between 9:30 and 10:30, I’ll wake up at 1:48am! And if I go to bed late, around 11:30-midnight, I’ll wake up closer to 4/4:30am. I guess my body is just preparing me for those late night feedings! I honestly don’t feel like I’m that big, until I catch a shot of my stomach from the side. Then I’m like “Holy moly! Where did that come from?!”

At my last doctor’s appointment I learned that the baby is measuring about 2 weeks ahead. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to have the baby early, but it does mean that the baby is bigger. My doctor has estimated that I’ll probably have an 8 1/2 pound baby, which isn’t too surprising since that’s how big I was when I was born. Apparently the baby is 7 pounds already! Their head is down and I’m praying he or she stays that way. The position is sunny side up, though, and off to an angle, so I’m hoping I can get him or her to turn before I deliver.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been getting the nursery together, which has been so exciting! We painted the room a nice shade of white since the room was a darker charcoal color. Matthew started building the crib and next on our list is installing the wallpaper, hanging the lighting and the curtains. We do have the car seat base in the car and we just need to do the inspection at CHP next week to make sure it’s properly installed. I got this stroller which I’m really excited about!

Other new baby purchases I love include this baby swing, this diaper bag, and this super soft merino wool swaddle with the hot air balloon print!

The baby has been moving a ton this trimester. I feel him or her almost all the time. I keep wondering if maybe I’ll feel less movement as there’s less space, but they’re not slowing down yet. I’ve had a couple days where I’ve been really tired, like I was in my first trimester, but the funny thing is that it’s hard to nap because the baby moves so much when I lay down on my side. I love being aware that the baby is growing and moving though. Sometimes I’ll feel a tiny round pressure on the outside of my stomach that I think must be a knee or a foot. I’ll rub it a little bit and feel it move around. I’m already preparing this baby for lots of tickle sessions! The baby loves moving to music too. I’ll play jazz or classical music in the car and it’s so fun to watch the baby move around and dance. Country music is another favorite!

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Feeling: Excited and a little nervous. For a girl who loves surprises, I don’t like not knowing when the baby will come. I really just wish I knew that X date was the baby’s birth date. It would help me plan and get everything done. I feel like I have a ton to do, for being at the end of my third trimester, and not just to get ready for the baby, but also to prep being off work. It’s almost like you’re planning a big vacation and you have all these things to do before you leave and aren’t available. You need to pack, finish up your work, etc. Then, someone says, “Just kidding. Instead of leaving on 8/29, you’re going to leave on 8/15.” And you freak out thinking, “But I can’t go then. I have all these things still left to do! And I haven’t even checked in for my flight!” I just want to be ready and prepared. I think this is a good lesson in allowing me to realize I can’t control everything and the baby will come when the baby wants to come.

Sometimes I get sad, too, thinking about how things are going to change and it’s not just going to be me and Matthew anymore. We’ve had 8 wonderful years of it just being us and, while I’m excited about our newest family member, I will miss the times when we could just get up and go, and do what we want. Trips and outings will be more infrequent, and definitely more challenging, but ultimately I know they’ll be 100% times more special.

Craving: My sweet tooth is still craving cookies and sweets, but in the most recent weeks of my third trimester I haven’t had big cravings. Maybe because my stomach fills up so much faster. I’m really looking forward to having sushi after the delivery though! I could care less about the wine, but sushi I definitely want!

Reading: I’ve really enjoyed reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth during my third trimester. There are so many motivating and empowering stories of women giving birth, as well as some great advice. I really want to read Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding next. I hope I can get to it before I have the baby!

What I’m most excited about right now: Meeting this baby! I can’t believe the baby could be here at any time! I can’t wait to find out if we’re having a boy or girl, and what he or she will look like! I still think we’re having a boy and while people on the street say boy too, most of our friends and family members {Matthew included!} think we’re having a girl. It’s going to be such an amazing surprise and I can’t wait for the moment when Matthew says, “It’s a…!”

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Thank you all so much for your kindness and support over the past several months. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am. So many of your emails and comments have inspired me and given me a lot to look forward to. The advice many of you have shared has helped me realize I’m not alone; I feel grateful and blessed to be joining an incredible community of mothers. This next chapter of our lives is going to be so special and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

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photos by Jodee Debes