Our Last Getaway in Dana Point

September 9, 2016


One last getaway in Dana Point

A few weeks before my due date Matthew and I decided to skip town for one last babymoon. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it Hawaii, so opted for somewhere local. Every time Matthew and I drive down to San Diego to see his family we pass by Dana Point. It’s always been an area we’ve been curious about so we decided to go there. We stayed at the Monarch Beach Resort and had the absolute best time! If you’re looking for a local getaway in Southern California, I’d highly recommend it!

beautiful monarch beach resort hotel room gorgeous monarch beach resort

This hotel is one of the prettiest ones I’ve ever stayed at. When we got to the room I couldn’t stop gushing! If you like light and bright, you’ll love it too! The bathroom was HUGE and there was so much marble. And I looove some marble! The grounds have stunning views of the water and you just feel like you’re in a magical castle. If I was getting married at a hotel I think I would chose this one for sure!

On Saturday Matthew went surfing in Dana Point in the morning and I had a spa day. I started having a little back pain towards the end of my pregnancy so I treated myself to a pregnancy massage at their Miraval Spa. My spa room even had a fireplace in it! It was such an incredible indulgence because who knows when I’ll have time to visit a spa again! In the afternoon we relaxed by the pool and went to the hotel’s private beach.

private_beach_dana_point private beach in dana point

For dinner that night we headed into Laguna Beach which was only about 15 minutes away and went to Alessa, a yummy Italian restaurant. They have this yummy homemade pasta called Spaghetti Verde that I still dream about. It’s an arugula-infused spaghetti noodle tossed with shrimp, garlic and chiles! I really want to try making it at home!

monarch beach resort rose art dana point california getaway

For breakfast the next day we went to the hotel’s AVEO Table & Bar and had the yummiest feast! We had to get avocado toast, and the scramble and waffle were delicious. My favorite treat at the hotel though are these thick brownies at the Part & Parcel Market. We got the Oreo one on the first day and went back to the Reese’s one the next day! SO good!

breakfast at aveo table and bar at monarch beach resortMatthew at Monarch Beach Resort scramble_breakfast_monarch_beach_resort waffles_at_aveo_monarch_beach_resortM Loves M Babymoon in Dana Pointoreo brownies at part and parcel views from monarch beach resort room- our last getaway in dana point

It was so nice to have our last getaway in Dana Point and spend three perfect days relaxing by the beach. Plus we didn’t have to think about all the baby duties we’d be in for. Hopefully one day we can go back with the little one though. It’s nice that it’s not too far away!