What I Packed in My Hospital Bag (and what I didn’t need)

September 12, 2016

what to pack in your hospital bag (and what I didn't need)

NOTE: Going forward I’m going to do my best to share my motherhood posts on Mondays. That way if it’s something you’re interested in (or something you could care less about) you’ll know!

Today, I’m talking about what I packed in my hospital bag and what I didn’t need. I read so much during my pregnancy about hospital bag essentials so I really included the things that everyone said were “must-haves.” Even still, there were items I didn’t even touch, and others that I wish I had! Today I’m talking about what I packed in my hospital bag (and what I didn’t need) to hopefully help all you pregnant mamas out there!

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What I Packed in My Hospital Bag


car seat– this one is a must because you can’t leave the hospital without it!

– diaper bag- I brought this one from Skiphop and loaded it up with all the baby things

– 2 outfits with socks, mittens and hat- I’d recommend bringing a newborn size and a 0-3 month size just in case you have a bigger babe. Also kimono-style tops with snaps will be SO much easier to put on!

1-2 Swaddles– They have receiving blankets at the hospital but you might want to bring a couple of your own. I also brought a baby blanket.

– baby wipes- My hospital doesn’t use baby wipes, instead they use napkins that they wet. If you want to make your life a little easier bring your baby wipes of choice! I brought these ones from Babyganics.

– nail file- Your little one might come out with some sharp talons so bringing a baby-safe nail file might be a good idea. I love this one because it’s incredibly gentle and won’t cut their delicate skin.

baby book– If you have some time in the hospital you might want to write down some details about your labor so you don’t forget. Also, if you hospital stamps the hands or feet, you can add those to the book at the same time. Unfortunately my hospital didn’t do that but that would have been fun!

pacifier– Our hospital didn’t provide one since they encourage breastfeeding and didn’t want to create nipple confusion. After some recommendations, though, I brought a pacifier just in case we needed it.

WHAT I DIDN’T USE: the pacifier and nail file (we filed his nails once we got home).


– birth plan and hospital pre-admittance paperwork

– hospital gown- I brought this one from Della B and lived in it throughout my stay at the hospital. There were access points for the nurses, and it was nursing friendly. Everyone was complimenting me on it too!

– 1-2 sets of PJs with buttons down front- I brought this button-up nightgown from Eberjey which would make it easy to go to the bathroom and nurse

– flip flops for taking a shower in the hospital

– slippers or socks with grips for walking around the hospital room

– nursing bra- I brought this one from Cake Maternity

– regular underwear

– overnight pads

– deodorant- so necessary after labor!

– coconut water- to stay hydrated during and after labor

– insulated water bottle- I brought my Bobble

– nursing pillow-  I got the Boppy

– phone and charger

– portable charger

– extension cord- some people advised us to bring one since outlets aren’t always in the most convenient places

– makeup and travel-sized toiletries (include cleansing facial wipes, lip balm, hair band)

– room spray- I love this one!

– Going home outfit- I brought this Loyal Hana dress and wore a pair of gray suede sandals

– relaxing music playlist to listen to during labor

– belly support band for after labor- I bought this one based off the reviews and price

– breath mints

– breast pads

– nipple shield

– pillow with colored pillowcase- it was nice to have my own pillow since the hospital ones are a little flat. And having a colored pillowcase made it easy to remember to bring home.

– an extra bag to bring home things from the hospital. You can keep the diapers you don’t use, as well as some other items, and you’ll also get some gifts from visitors.

WHAT I DIDN’T USE: the pjs {I just wore the Della B gown the whole time but having another option would still be a good idea}, nursing bra {I didn’t need this in the hospital}, regular underwear {I wore the ones the hospital gave me}, pads {the hospital provides these too}, insulated water bottle {it was easier to just drink out of the cup with a straw}, portable charger, extension cord, breast pads {didn’t need to use in the hospital but have definitely been using at home}, nipple shield {the lactation consultant provided me with one but I would bring one just in case you need it}


– camera and charger to document photos of the baby

– pajamas

– 1-2 changes of clothes- make sure the shirt is a button-up to allow for skin to skin

– toiletries

– Call List- names and numbers of people to call/text in labor

– snacks

– phone and charger

– portable speaker

– A sweatshirt/fleece to sleep in because it’s freezing in the hospital

– laptop and charger- check to see if your hospital has WiFi

WHAT HE DIDN’T USE: portable speaker {we just ended up playing music on our phones}, laptop and charger {our hospital didn’t have WiFi}


– Something for the nurses! They do so much for you so it’s nice to bring them a little something. I gave them a box of Sees Dark Chocolate and some beauty products. I think it meant a lot!

Portable Sound Machine– I didn’t think we’d need this but I had Matthew go home for it after our first night. It was nice to help the baby fall asleep to some white noise in the hospital room.


So there you have it! That’s what I packed in my hospital bag! I know I might have used more of what I packed if I had a c-section, especially since I would have needed to stay at the hospital a few extra days. My labor also went relatively fast so I didn’t need all that I packed. I’m curious if there’s anything I didn’t bring that you think would be helpful next time around. I heard bringing your own blanket is sometimes nice, but I made do with the ones at the hospital.

My biggest tip for packing your hospital bag is to do it early… just in case! I finished packing mine the day I went into labor! At the end of the day though all you really need is yourself. The hospital has everything you need, and you can always have someone go home for anything you forgot.

P.S. If you guys want to see the handsome boy here are some of Augustine’s newborn photos


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