Little Black Grid Dress

September 15, 2016


feminine black midi dress

I don’t typically wear much black but I loved it for date nights at the very end of my pregnancy because the color is so slimming. From a straight on angle you almost can’t tell I’m pregnant. Almost! But then when you get a side shot you’re like “Oh, hi, bump! There you are!” This little black grid dress is super chic and classy and looks great for a night out. I accidentally bought the tall version of the dress but I love the longer midi length. Good to know if you ever want a dress with a few extra inches!

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dress {in white and tall and petite. note: I got the tall version accidentally so it won’t be as long in regular} . sandals . clutch . sunglasses . bracelet set . cuff . lipstick in Eva’s Pink .

The grid detail on this dress is a little more modern and edgy which I like. The whole look makes me feel like a movie star, which is a big plus when you’re 39 weeks pregnant and about to go into labor!

I hope you all are having a great week! I apologize for my delayed responses to comments. I’ve had limited time on my computer these days. I’m so appreciative of all your comments and emails though! They mean so much!