What I Relied on During Pregnancy

September 19, 2016


what I relied on during pregnancy- pregnancy essentials M Loves M @marmar

Pregnancy was such a new and different experience for me, as I’m sure it is with most first time moms. You watch your body grow and expand to support this new little life, that almost seems impossible to believe is real. You might deal with sickness, swelling, discomfort, but at the end of the day you’re filled with so much love and excitement for what’s ahead. There were certain products that I feel were must-haves during my pregnancy from beauty products to clothing. Here is what I relied on during pregnancy:

pregnancy essentials- what I relied most on M Loves M @marmar

What I Relied On During Pregnancy

Belly Butter & Oil

I don’t think anyone wants stretch marks so this was one of my most crucial products. I used this Mother’s Special Blend Toning Oil which I absolutely loved. It can take some time to absorb so when I was just ready to put my pajamas on right away I’d apply this belly butter from Mama Mio. It has a thicker consistency and I ran out of it much faster than the oil but I really liked it. I also started using this Citrus Avocado Belly Balm from Tubby Todd Bath Co. the last month of my pregnancy and I loved how light it was, especially in comparison to the one from Mama Mio. I’d usually apply the oil at night after a shower, and the butter or lotion in the morning. I’m still using the oil and Tubby Todd balm post-delivery and so far so good! No stretch marks yet!

Pregnancy Apps

There are so many apps out there and while I feel like I referenced them all throughout my pregnancy, I really liked the Glow Nurture App. You can keep track of information from your doctor’s appointment, like weight and baby’s heartbeat, and you can also log your symptoms, hours of sleep, glasses of water, exercise, etc. Plus there are some really helpful articles that are tailored to each day of your pregnancy. This became one of my nighttime rituals during pregnancy, especially during those sleepless nights.


There were several books I really enjoyed reading while pregnant. I loved Bringing Up Bebe, which was actually more informative than I thought it would be. I also loved Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirthwhich focuses more on natural childbirth and how incredible the human body is.

Maternity/Nursing Bras

I started to need new bras very quickly during pregnancy so I broke out my maternity bras early. I wear this bra from Cake Maternity all the time, and I love this nursing tank, which is perfect to wear around the house with leggings or jeans.

Maternity Jeans

I couldn’t have survived without my maternity jeans. Even though I’m such a dress girl, I need to wear jeans every once in awhile. Personally, I prefered the pull-up stretchy belly band pants and these ones from Jessica Simpson were my favorite. Such a good price too!

Maternity Tees

While you can definitely get away without buying any maternity tops {remember all those peplum tops I wore?!}, I was really comfortable when wearing maternity t-shirts. They hugged the belly perfectly and had a little extra length. I stocked up on a bunch of the shirred tees at Old Navy because the prices were so so good, but I also got this one from Gap that was crazy soft and comfy!

Prenatal Vitamins

I loved the NewChapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins.They take a sustainable, whole-food approach to vitamins and feature organic vegetables, fruits, and non-GMO ingredients, including organic cabbage, organic raspberries, and organic blueberries. Also, they are super gentle so fine to take on an empty stomach.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

The last month of my pregnancy I started drinking raspberry leaf tea which is supposed to have a lot of benefits for the pregnant mama, like helping tone the uterus. Check with your doctor before using just in case, but mine said it was perfectly safe to drink.

Pregnancy Pillow

I know a lot of pregnant mamas who swear by the Snoogle pregnancy pillow but for me I didn’t really need it until the end of my pregnancy. So, instead, I just slept with a lumbar pillow between my legs. That seemed to do the trick but if you’re feeling really uncomfortable I’d recommend trying one of those Snoogle pillows!

Pregnancy-Safe Beauty & Skincare

One of my absolute favorite skincare brands is Korres and during pregnancy I used a lot of their products since they’re more natural and free of parabens and sulfates. The Wild Rose & Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial was amazing and felt so luxurious to wear every night. I also tried to use nail polishes free of chemicals, and this one from Butter London in Yummy Mummy was one of my faves!

Music for the Baby

One fun thing I did during pregnancy was play music for the baby! I was gifted these Belly Buds and it was cool to play music for the baby on these headphones that attached to my stomach. A baby’s hearing is fully developed in the womb at 20 weeks and memories at 30 weeks so I wanted to play songs the baby would hopefully enjoy and remember.

So that’s what I relied on during pregnancy! I’d love to know if there’s any must-have essentials you found helpful during pregnancy. Any products that made your life a little better? I’d love to hear!



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