Almost All Black

January 19, 2017


brown leather jacket with black outfit

With Augustine’s sleep schedule kind of all over the place, I end up spending a lot of time awake at night. Sometimes it’s because I end up rocking him to fall asleep {I know, I know…}, and other times I finally get in bed but I’m wide awake. In those early morning hours I end up being on my phone a lot, looking for recipes, doing some fantasy shopping and, more often than not, going through photos on my phone. I take so many photos of the little guy that I’m constantly running out of space so I’ll go back and start deleting old ones. If you have an iPhone, do you ever use that Search function in Photos and click “One Year Ago?” I do that a lot, or I’ll search specific months. What do you end up doing when you find yourself awake in the middle of the night?

celine catherine sunglasses in black and tortoise classic black double flap chanel in black caviar black scalloped sandals from chinese laundry brunette hair with brown leather jacket

I was going through photos from last August and found an almost all black outfit that reminds me a lot of this one I’m wearing today. It was slightly more casual, with a black tee and black jeans, but I still had the brown leather jacket on. Ironically that look was from a date night exactly one year before the night Augustine was born. I saw that outfit and thought I need to wear black and brown together more often. I decided to do a slightly more dressed up version though, with this pretty off-the-shoulder blouse and suede legging pants. Plus I added these sandal heels with the loveliest scallop detail!

all black outfit inspiration black off the shoulder top styled for winter


similar jackettop {under $100} . pants {under $100! & in taupe here} . sandals {also in nude & gold} . sunglasses . bag . necklace . bracelet . lipstick in Nero

The other thing I realized after going through all these photos on my phone, besides the fact that I take way too many, is that Matthew and I desperately need a date night. Maybe once the little guy is sleeping better. Going out without worrying about a baby meltdown and drinking some wine sounds like heaven! For all my readers without kids, enjoy this time. Seriously! Go out of town for the weekend, get a manicure just because, and enjoy 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. You’ll thank me. I promise!

Have a great day everyone and thanks so much for stopping by!


photos by Valorie Darling

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