Work it Out: My Fitness Goals

January 18, 2017


I mentioned that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to get back into a fitness routine. I feel like most people start the year with that goal too. Probably from all the holiday dinners and Christmas cookies, am I right? During my pregnancy I really lived it up though. I indulged in whatever I wanted because why the heck not? I told myself once the baby was here I’d get back into a fitness routine. Well, the baby came but the healthier lifestyle did not.

I found myself starving all the time because of breastfeeding, and also a chocolate chip cookie was something to look forward to once I finally {and I say finally!} got the little guy down to sleep. I made so many of these chocolate chip cookies I’m surprised I don’t have the recipe memorized. Needless to say, 2017 food and fitness goals became a priority for me. So far, I’ve been challenging myself to make better food swaps (salads for sandwiches, whole grains for white & refined), amping up the fresh fruits and veggies, and cutting out sugar throughout the month of January.

I’ve also been working out again, but in a different capacity than I’m used to. Since I can’t get to the gym or a yoga class as easily as I could before, I’ve been doing home workouts. I started T25 and so far I love it. The workouts are 25 minutes a day, so even though Augustine isn’t the best napper, he’ll usually give me that amount of time. For 25 minutes, though, the workouts are still super tough. I’m also really out of shape, but I think the workouts would be challenging for anyone. The good thing is that you can just do your best during those 25 minutes, follow the moderator if necessary, and then you’re done. I’m on Week 3 and while I haven’t noticed a change in the way I look, I have noticed that my endurance is a little better and I’m able to do more than I was the first week.

I don’t know if it’s too early to reward myself, but I decided to get some new workout gear. I also desperately needed a high impact sports bra because when you’re doing intense circuit training, a simple yoga bra won’t do! I went to Sweaty Betty over the weekend {isn’t that the funniest store name?} and picked up some goods, but I also took a look at some other items online. Here are some of my current workout faves. If you’re like me, the right outfit can make you feel a little more motivated!

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What’s your workout of choice? I’ve heard so many good things about spinning classes but have yet to check them out. For me, yoga is a fave for strengthening and balance. If any of you know of a good online yoga class, let me know!



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