How Life Has Changed For Us Since Having a Baby

March 27, 2017


How Life is Different for Us with a Baby

Everyone says your life will be different once you have a baby and while you know it’s probably true, I don’t think you really realize it until it actually happens. So many people glamorize life with a newborn or make it seem way easier than it is. Maybe that’s the case for some lucky mamas, but the truth is it’s a lot of work, a lot of hard work. There are days where I’m just totally exhausted and I haven’t even left the house. I know some of you have multiple kids, and they’re older than Augustine’s young 6 months, but I’m pretty sure each stage is full of its own challenges. Someone told me it’s more challenging physically at the age we’re in right now. You’re sleep-deprived and trying to figure out this new uncharted motherhood territory one step at a time. But then you go from being physically exhausted to a stage where you’re mentally exhausted, constantly worrying about every single decision you make {schooling, how to parent, etc.}. Without a doubt, life is different now. In the hardest of ways, and also the best of ways. Today I’m talking about how life has changed for us since having a baby.

How Life Has Changed for Us Since Having a Baby

Your Time is No Longer Your Own

That’s a given right? But really life isn’t about you anymore. You have a little baby that should always be first and foremost. While self-care is definitely important, it usually comes second to the needs of a baby, as it should. I’ve frequently had to say no to things based off of Augustine’s schedule. I know there are times where a schedule doesn’t always work but if I know that Augustine takes a nap from 1-2 every day, I won’t plan something that overlaps with it. For me, it’s most important that Augustine gets the rest he needs as a growing baby. When he skips naps he ends up getting overly tired and fussy, and that usually means a rough night and following day for the both of us. So if I can help it, I’ll schedule things around the times that are best for him. Also, I used to always be on time or a little early. Now I’m very rarely early. Usually, I’m right on time, or 5-10 minutes late. Getting out of the house takes a lot longer now. Gone are the days where I could just grab my keys and run out the door. I try to manage expectations beforehand though and tell people they can expect me within a certain window of time. I think that helps and makes me feel a little better!

How Things Have Changed for Us Since Having a Babytaking augustine on a walk little_baby_hands

Simple Tasks Will Take You Twice as Long

There are days where Matthew gets home from work and the dishes aren’t done, the folded clothes aren’t put away, and the trash is overflowing. You’d think these are tasks which I could finish quite easily. Unfortunately with a baby you usually only have one hand free. When Augustine is playing on his playmat I can tidy up here and there but I really can’t get that much done. Just folding the laundry seems like a success. During his naps, I’ll try to do the basic things, like eating a meal and getting dressed. As a result, the cleaning usually gets put on the back burner.

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You’re Always Preparing for a Meltdown when You’re Out in Public

Don’t let that sweet face fool you! Augustine is definitely capable of a meltdown. I feel like I always have an exit plan when I’m out with him, especially when I’m alone. I choose the shortest line at the grocery store, bring a toy to keep him entertained and try to get in and out as quickly as possible. Going out to eat is no longer a carefree experience, either. When Matthew and I go out, we like restaurants where we can pay up front, just in case! I know we’ll get to the point where it’s easier, but right now it’s just a little stressful.

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You Try to Fit Your Adult Life in the Hours after Bedtime

Once Augustine is asleep for the night, I feel like I have a lot more freedom. I know I have at least 2 1/2-3 hours before he’s up, so that means I can enjoy a dinner with Matthew, post an Instagram, paint my nails, do a face mask, and watch a TV show {if I’m lucky}. Usually, though I’m fitting in my 9 to 5 job from 7pm to midnight, and putting away those folded clothes!

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You Smile a Lot More and Feel an Incredible Amount of Joy

No one wants to wake up multiple times in the middle of the night or start the day at 5 am, but all it takes is seeing that baby look at you and smile to make it totally worthwhile. You realize that you would do anything for this tiny little person, no matter how tired you are. The funny thing is, I look forward to bedtime so that I can get all these tasks crossed off my list, but I really end up missing that guy more than anything. I watch him sleeping on the monitor and I could spend all night looking through photos of him on my phone. You have this deep love for this little person that’s indescribable. Somehow life feels so much more complete.

walking with baby in the stokke xplory

The things I love about the stage we’re in are seeing Augustine smile, reach for us to be held, grab on to our fingers tightly, and babble and make funny noises. We go on nightly walks before bedtime with Ginger and it’s become the outing I look forward to most. We get some fresh air, talk about our day, and soak up some Vitamin D. Since Augustine is now sitting up on his own we can finally use our Stokke XPlory stroller, which I’m so excited about! This is such a cool stroller because Augustine sits a lot higher up than typical strollers and can really see what’s going on around him. It’s perfect for adventures and exploring! When we’re out and about I also love using this Skip Hop stroller organizer. It holds my water bottle, phone, keys, and even some small toys. It’s definitely a must have! We always bring the Milkbarn Stroller Blanket with us in case it gets chilly in the evenings. It has foxes on it, so it matches our Skip Hop Fox Stroller Toy perfectly! Augustine loves to play with this stroller toy. I think foxes are becoming his favorite animal, after dogs that is!

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