Wellness Challenge No. 4

March 26, 2017


M Loves M Wellness Challenge

Did any of you do the stretching challenge last week? How was it? I feel like I desperately needed it. My back has been starting to bother me again so it was soo good to take the time to stretch. I usually stretched before bed but it felt nice when I did it in the mornings too! I’m really excited for next week’s challenge because it’s one Matthew has been suggesting me to do for awhile. Read on for the Wellness Challenge No. 4!

a wellness challenge: swap coffee for tea in the mornings

Wellness Challenge No. 4

Swap coffee for tea!

Anyone else read that and think, “Oh no!” Yep, that was me! I loooove my coffee. I feel like it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. You know, after the crying baby! But coffee really does help get my mornings going, especially after being up a few times in the middle of the night. As much as I love my coffee, I do think it’s a little acidic for me (and Augustine). This week I’m going to swap my morning cup of joe for a cuppa tea! The good thing is that I have some teas in our pantry that I absolutely love! My favorite being the Mariage Freres Earl Grey French Blue Tea. At face value it seems more expensive but it’s really only $1.50 a tea bag, much less than that Starbucks latte. I got this tea because I read somewhere that it was Ina Garten’s favorite housewarming gift. Immediately sold! It’s a beautiful tea with vibrant blue cornflower leaves speckled amongst the black leaves.

the best earl gray tea try drinking tea instead of coffee in the mornings

I also am obsessed with the Harney and Sons Paris tea {check out that gorgeous tin!}. It’s so delicious and one of Matthew’s favorites too. We love having this tea on rainy days!

If you’re looking for a great iced tea, especially in the warmer months, I would highly recommend the Tea Forte Mango Peach or White Ginger Pear. I’m definitely getting this sampler during summer to try more of their iced teas!

how I take my tea

How do you like to drink tea? Specifically black teas? Personally, I love my black teas, especially the two above, with a little bit of milk and a drizzle of honey or agave. So yummy! Herbal teas I like plain, although I bet a little almond milk would be good too!

drinking tea in the mornings

Let me know if any of you are joining in on this week’s challenge! I hope so!


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