Songs to Listen to This Summer

May 31, 2017


summer music playlist - M Loves M @marmar

Usually, when we’re home there’s always music playing. Matthew is incredibly musical, plays the guitar, sings, and even writes his own music. Augustine is probably going to follow in his Dada’s footsteps because he already loves to kick his feet in rhythm to the song, and he loves to play with the guitar strings. {I’m always right behind him though in case he pulls too hard!} I thought I’d share some of our favorite songs to listen to with a playlist below. Hopefully it brings you a little bit of musical happiness on this Wednesday!

sharing a summer playlist with some favorite indie songs listening to records casual at home outfit with lace cami and floral silk pants songs to listen to this summer indie songs to listen to this summer

Matthew and I really listen to a wide array of music. People are always surprised when we tell them we listen to a lot of Hawaiian music at home. Ever since we got back from our Maui Babymoon, and found their local station streaming online, it’s been in our regular rotation. We love feel good music! I’m also a huge country music fan {attending the ACM awards the other year was a dream come true!}, and of course I love jazz, especially on Sunday mornings. It’s one of our favorite weekly traditions to make a big pot of coffee, maybe buttermilk pancakes too, and listen to some classic standards while writing our To Do list for the day.

The songs in our playlist are a little more indie though and remind me of our fun adventures from over the years. Some of these songs we listened to while we were dating! You know, way back when!

Songs to Listen to This Summer

Here are some favorite songs from over the years that we love listening to:

What kind of music do you like to listen to? If you have any favorite songs I’d love to hear. Always wanting to add some to my playlists!



top Cami NYC . pants c/o Hark + Hammer {I love the tank version too!} .

photos by Kimber Brown