Thoughts on my First Weekend Away

May 30, 2017

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Hello and Happy Tuesday! I’m back from a super fun Memorial Day Weekend in Palm Springs! After months of looking forward to my best friend’s Lizzie’s bachelorette, it’s a little sad to think that it’s over. We had the best couple of days lounging by the pool {haven’t done that in way too long!}, singing karaoke in our pjs, pigging out on popcorn and cookies, playing games, and celebrating her! I overpacked like crazy {story of my life!}, but this one jumpsuit was a desert must have! I loved the lemon print as soon as I saw it. Today I’m chatting about Palm Springs and sharing thoughts on my first weekend away from the little guy {and big guy, too!}.

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As you guys might remember, I had been really nervous thinking about leaving Augustine this past weekend. It was my first time away from him, and even though he’s almost 9 months old, I was still a little anxious for weeks leading up to it.

At first, I worried about Augustine. Would he be ok? Would he notice I was gone? Would he miss me?

Then I worried about Matthew. Would he be able to handle everything without me? While I’ve always felt 110% confident in him, it’s nice sometimes when you have a second parent there to bounce ideas off of. Also an extra set of hands, and in Matthew’s case, legs, is nice too! Matthew broke his ankle 4 weeks ago and is still in a walking boot, which is not ideal.

It wasn’t until the day before I left that I started to worry about myself. How was I going to feel? What would it be like to leave? Would I be able to enjoy myself?

While I missed Matthew and Augustine like crazy, I have to say, it was so nice to have a few days where I could relax and unwind a bit. I didn’t leave my motherhood duties behind {my pump and bags came with me}, but to be able to lay out by the pool, close my eyes, and not worry about anything was so luxurious. I probably wouldn’t have gone if this weekend hadn’t been for my best friend, but I’m so glad I did because it was incredibly needed. Every mama needs a few days to herself every now and then. I feel like I came back rested and refreshed, and more excited to parent.

I arrived back home late at night but when Augustine woke up at 3am I practically bounced out of bed to go hold and nurse him. It was so nice to be together yesterday and get the full low down from Matthew on how everything went. Of course, Augustine did great, although my hopes of him sleeping through the night didn’t happen. One of these days, you guys! Matthew was so exhausted but he really enjoyed the special Father/Son time they shared. It was the first of many boy weekends, I’m sure!

More than ever, we have so much respect for single parents. Parenting is a lot of work, and whoever tells you it’s easy is playing a joke on you. It’s tiring, nerve-wracking, and all consuming- in the best but hardest ways. Having another person there to help hold the baby while you go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, or make some food, is incredibly helpful. When you have to be on 100% of the time, all day long, it can be a little exhausting and oftentimes overwhelming. To be able to get a few days to myself to celebrate with my best friend was such an incredible treat and one I’m really grateful for. I was so lucky to have Matthew’s help and support, as well as my moms this past weekend. It really takes a village sometimes, and I’m thankful for mine!

Hoping Matthew can get a fun weekend to himself soon. He definitely deserves it!

And for the mamas out there, now that you’ve heard thoughts on my first weekend away, I’d love to hear yours! Where did you go and was it as hard as you expected? Any tips you’d have for next time? In retrospect, I wish that I had brought a onesie of Augustine’s with me. Someone told me that being able to smell him would help when I was pumping {the pump definitely doesn’t work as well as the baby}. Also, his perfect baby smells are incredibly soothing!


photos by Kimber Brown


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