10 Things To Do To Turn Around a Bad Day

September 12, 2017


How to Fix a Bad Day - M Loves M @marmar

Some days you’re just in a funk and you can’t figure out what’s causing it, or find a way to get out of it. Over the weekend I had one of those days. I was frustrated and annoyed for no good reason. Usually, when I have bad days I can kind of mope around and be on my own. Matthew knows to stay far away from me! But when you have a baby, you desperately want to snap out of your bad mood so that it doesn’t affect them. The last thing I want is for Augustine to pick up on anything negative from me, get stressed out, or feel nervous and afraid. So before I let my bad mood get to me, I went through my list of things that usually cheer me up. Luckily a few of them worked! If any of you are struggling to snap out of a bad mood, hopefully this post will help cheer you up!

a trend to try for fall: the embroidered denim jacket - M Loves M @marmar cute sunglasses to wear any season!

Before I talk about my bad day busters, let’s chat this outfit! This green dress was one I tried on during my big shopping trip the other month. You guys, I LOVE it! I got a Small but it’s a little loose naturally. I love the easy silhouette and the built-in slip dress. This dress is super cute and while you can for sure make it work with heels, I love it with these backless loafers. This was a shoe trend I was kinda eh about for awhile, but I got this pair and completely love them. The quality is so so good. I’m always looking for comfortable flats for running around, so I know this pair will be my go-to in fall!

a versatile brown leather crossbody bag

I paired the dress with this embroidered denim jacket. You all know love a good denim jacket. This one is my new fave though because of the perfect floral embroidery. Best update to a classic I’ve seen in awhile!

how to style a denim jacket for fall weatherkeeping it cute and casual with a green babydoll dress and a denim jacket Styling cute dainty jewelry with a fall colored dress Cute denim jacket on gorgeous emerald green dress Styling the shoe trend everyone is wearing for fall 2017- the backless loafers M Loves M @marmar Fall fashion inspiration with green dress and denim jacketa cute babydoll dress to wear for fall - M Loves M @marmar

10 Things To Do To Turn Around a Bad Day

Get outside– This seems like an obvious one but it’s so easy to get caught up in our heads while sitting inside all day. Getting fresh air and sunshine helps me clear my thoughts and get outside of myself a bit. This is one that usually always does the trick. It’s also great with kids since they will have some distraction too!

Unplug– This is a huge one and helps so much. When you’re in a bad mood, scrolling through social media and seeing everyone else’s “happiness” can be a bummer. Whether they are happy or it’s a social media facade, it definitely will not help your mood to consume your mind with what other people are doing. Unplugging helps turn our focus towards other things.

Workout {or go for a walk}- There are a lot of studies that show working out helps get your blood and endorphins going. This trick is similar to getting outside, so whether you work out at a gym or outside, moving and getting out of the house is a huge help. My workouts with Augustine usually involve a stroller jog and I love that it ends up turning into a fun outing for both of us!

Watch a feel-good movie/TV show– If you have the time to watch a movie, do it. It’s nice to have your mind focus on a feel-good movie when you’re in a bad mood. I used to always watch Friends episodes when I was in a bad mood and it seemed to help me a lot. You can check out some of the best feel-good movies here. Do you have any favorites??

Take a shower {or bath}- Sometimes you just need to take a shower and feel clean. This is another tactic to clear your mind and headspace. I usually feel a lot better after taking a nice long shower or bath.

Watch funny videos– This goes hand-in-hand with a feel-good movie but in a way to purposefully laugh. Sometimes you just need to laugh at dumb things. My favorites are old SNL skits. I always end up in tears laughing so much!

Bake– This is a personal preference, of course, but I always love to bake. It’s one of my favorite hobbies and I find that baking cookies, even if I end up giving them to a friend, always makes me feel better. But you all know me. If I’m making cookies, I’m eating them! Pair them warm out of the oven with a feel-good movie, and you have a great combo! That usually always cheers me up!

Have a self-spa night– Giving yourself some TLC is important whether you’re in a bad mood or not. There’s something soothing about putting a mask on my face or even just taking the time to put on lotion and paint my nails. I definitely recommend a self-spa night because we all need to show ourselves a little more love and attention, especially when we’re feeling down. “Me time” is especially important for the mamas out there!

De-clutter- Cleaning or re-arranging furniture is a fun activity that acts as both a distraction but also an opportunity to clean. De-cluttering helps clear out the space you’re living in, as well as your mind. I always feel better after cleaning up. On Sunday I did a bunch of cleaning in my office and it felt so good!

Put your thoughts on paper- Another good tactic I use when fighting a bad mood is journaling. If you all remember, I started my blog to be an online journal way back in 2009. This blog was just intended for me and Matthew, and while I still journal a bit with you all, and tell you how I’m feeling, I have created another space where I can just write for myself. Even if I’m upset about something dumb and trivial, putting it down on paper gives me a lot of clarity. In my opinion, you should allow yourself to feel frustrated and annoyed about things, no matter what they are. Your thoughts and feelings are valid and are worth addressing. Even if you rip up the paper afterward and throw it away, getting your feelings out on paper can be so cathartic. Similarly, I think it can be so helpful to also write down your blessings. This helps me shift my mind to think about all the good that exists in my life.

For quick 1 minute fixes try: smiling, force yourself to laugh, smell calming scents {love my essential oils for this!}, or saying a prayer!

I also wanted to disclaim that sometimes these strategies don’t always work and there isn’t a quick fix for every bad mood. Some bad moods just take longer to break and that’s okay! Give yourself the time you need and eventually, you’ll feel better!

I hope this post was helpful and inspiring for you all! If you have any bad mood busters that you rely on, let me know below. As much as I would love to never have another bad day, I know they’re a natural part of life and they can’t be avoided. But hopefully, these tips will shorten their lifespan and give them less control.



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