Styling White Jeans for Fall

September 5, 2017


how to wear white jeans in the fall - M Loves M

Labor Day might be over, but that doesn’t mean I’m putting my white jeans away! Styling white jeans for fall is one of my go-to outfit ideas. While dark denim is always a classic in the cooler months, white denim provides a really nice contrast to fall colors, like burgundy for example! Before our crazy heat wave, I wore these white jeans with a burgundy plaid button up that has a perfect knotted detail in front. Paired with a long cardi {this one is SO cozy!}, and some ankle booties, I feel like this is a great outfit to wear into fall! Now if only the cooler weather would hurry up and get here!

styling white denim for fall a must-have tote for fall easy and stylish way to wear white jeans for fall styling white jeans for fall with burgundy and a cardigan color combinations for white jeans in fall

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Lately I feel like the days are just flying by- for better and for worse. Labor Day is over which means summer is unofficially over as well. There are so many things I really wanted to do this summer but we never got to it. Our first summer with baby was a little harder than we expected it to be. Plus we had our big move!

I was really looking forward to one big hurrah at the end of summer though, with a fun Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately,  I don’t feel like we were able to enjoy it as much as we could have because of our crazy heat wave. The weather was just so unbearable and we felt sticky and gross all weekend long. We just couldn’t get comfortable. Our AC system isn’t working so we had to go on drives to escape the heat. And while a beach day might have been a good solution, it was still scorching over there and I wasn’t about to put Augustine through that. I’ve always been one of those people that would rather be hot than cold, but after this past week I change my mind completely! Being cold is better because you can always layer more clothing on. There’s nothing you can do when it’s too hot except for sweat and sweat! I know it’s silly to complain so I’ll be quiet now, but let’s just say I’ll make much better use of fall and winter this year. I don’t want those seasons to pass by as quickly!

I hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead!


photos by Priscilla Frey

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