Try These Four Fall Lipsticks

September 20, 2017


four fall lipsticks you have to try - M Loves M @marmar

Fall is no doubt my favorite time of the year. I love changing out lipstick colors as much as I love changing out my wardrobe for the new season! When it comes to my lipstick collection, some would say I have a problem. Others would say I’m obsessed! I wear lipstick pretty much everyday, though, and it is no doubt one of my must-have makeup items. I’ve recently stocked up on some new fall colors and I thought I’d share four that you might like to try! These colors are perfect for all the fall feels!

Try These Four Fall Lipsticks

I love this Buxom Sinful Cinnamon lipstick for falll - M Loves M @marmar

Buxom Bold & Sexy Lipstick in Sinful Cinnamon

Not all Fall lipsticks have to be dark and bold. This gorgeous nude color is a subtle twist for a brownish/pink lipstick with a mauve undertone. I think it’s so pretty and will definitely be one of my go-to’s when I don’t feel like wearing too much makeup!

Love this gorgeous lipstick tube and shade: Secretly by Hourglass - M Loves M @marmar
Hourglass High Intensity Refillable Lipstick in Secretly

You can never go wrong with a bold red lip. I feel like I have so many reds yet they’re all so different {anyone else with me??}. This lipstick by Hourglass is amazing because of the size of the applicator and the consistency. I feel like this smaller lipstick helps with precision a lot more than a standard lipstick. The tube is also beautiful, and the kind of lipstick you’d want to show off.

A bold lipstick from Bite in Nori - M Loves M @marmar

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Nori

Everyone needs a dramatic dark lip for Fall. I really love dark reds or deep purples and chose this one because it’s such a standout. It’s easy to stray away from dark looks like this one {I know Matthew would sometimes prefer if I did} but I love them. I think they add some drama to an outfit!

Love this bright purple lipstick by Smashbox in Let's Dance - M Loves M @marmar

Smashbox Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick in Let’s Dance

This Smashbox lipstick is so easy to apply, I’m obsessed! I love when lipsticks go on like butter. Another amazing thing about this lip is that it’s definitely a long-wear look. It’s perfect for a night-out or to go dancing {maybe that’s where they got the name}! I also chose this lipstick because the color is so fun and will definitely spice up your outfits this fall. When you want a berry lip, but don’t want to go as bold as Nori, this shade will do!

my favorite Fall lipsticks this year - M Loves M @marmar

 I always like to test lipsticks out on my arm before I buy them. It helps to see the color more accurately but also the consistency.

 Check out my 4 favorite fall lipsticks from last year too by the way! Do any of you shop for new lipsticks in fall? Any favorites you’ve tried lately?



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