20 Things To Do for Fall in Southern California

October 9, 2017


20 things to do for fall in southern california - M Loves M @marmar

Fall is one of the most beloved times of year, especially in our home. I love getting ready for the season by decorating the house with cozy throws and pumpkin decor. And you know I love to bake with pumpkin spice everything!. Because we do live in Southern California, our fall weather sadly doesn’t start until the end of October, if not the middle of November! It’s so unfortunate but that doesn’t stop us Californians from doing our best to make every part of our life feel like it’s fall. Last year I shared 4 ways to make it feel like Fall and this year I’ve curated a list of 20 things to do for fall in Southern California. For those of you who are fortunate enough to have seasons, hopefully this list can still act as inspiration for your fall bucket list. 

20 Things To Do for Fall in Southern California

#1 Plan a Mini Getaway

There are so many great spots a short drive away in Southern California. You could go to Big Bear or Yosemite, or a little further to San Francisco! Portland and Seattle are also quick flights still on the west coast, and they have much cooler weather.

#2 Decorate for Fall

Decorating may seem like an obvious thing to do but you’d be surprised how it can instantly get you into the festive spirit. We just added some garland to our mantle and every time I walk by it, I get so happy! Next up, the front porch!

#3 Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch is another must for Fall. The one we have been going to is Tanaka Farms in Irvine. It’s on a huge piece of land filled with pumpkins, fresh produce, and a corn maze! {See our photos from last year’s visit! How tiny was Augustine?!} You can also check out Mr. Bones if you’re in the LA area. You’ll be sure to have a celebrity sighting at that one!

#4 Apple Picking

This is one of my all-time favorite things to do in Fall. Some of the best apple orchards in SoCal are Willowbrook Apple FarmRiley’s Los Rios Rancho and Parrish Pioneer Ranch. Once you’ve picked the apples you can bake some yummy treats such as this Apple Galette! It’s been a few years since we’ve been so I’m hoping we can go this year. We were planning on checking out Julian but it looks like they’re all picked over for the 2017 season. Note to self: go apple picking in early September next year!

#5 Visit a Winery

Who doesn’t love a good wine tasting? Some of the best wineries are in Temecula and Santa Barbara/Santa Ynez- so close for Southern California residents. I feel like this would be such a fun thing to do as a couples getaway, or even with a group of friends! My besties need to move back to Southern California so we can all do this again!

#6 Bake Fall Treats

As you guys know baking is my favorite hobby and I especially love baking in the fall and for the holidays. I’ve made so many recipes over the years and will be sharing more this year. I also love how baking adds such a sweet smell to your home. I’m already looking forward to making our house smell like Christmas!

#7 Horseback Riding 

Matthew and I went horseback riding in Lake Tahoe a few years ago and we had the best time.  When I was younger I would love to go horseback riding and there’s something really special and fall-like about going on a trail on a chilly day. Being out in nature with beautiful animals always makes my heart happy. I may need to wait for Augustine to get to be a little older until we can all enjoy an activity like this, but I’m so looking forward to it!

#8 Have a Movie Marathon

Fall weather is cozy weather which means all I want to do is stay inside and watch movies. I love watching Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus, but nothing scarier than that! I can’t handle scary movies, although surprisingly enough I love dramas and thrillers. Just no gore please!

#9 Create a Fall playlist

I love making a seasonal playlist, like this one for summer. Fall is definitely a season to start winding down, so the music I like listening to is a little slower and softer, with more acoustics. I’m working on putting together a fall playlist to share with you soon!

#10 Make a Thanksgiving-inspired Picnic for the Beach

I love picnics and they’ve been especially fun to do with Augustine. I’m thinking if we have another 80+ degree day, I’m going to pack a Thanksgiving-inspired picnic and take it to the beach. I’d bring sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, herb rolls, maybe roasted turkey for Matthew, and definitely some mini pumpkin pies. Yum!

#11 Curate a Fall-hued Wardrobe/Capsule

I have been so tempted to do a capsule wardrobe! Whether or not I could limit myself to X amount of pieces, I do love the idea of sticking to a festive fall color palette. I would include light tan, olive, burgundy, and maybe a dusty rose because you know I can’t resist some pink! Ahem, these shoes are probably the most perfect pair I’ve seen! But this camel coat would go with everything, like this burgundy plaid top or this olive silk dress!

#12 Go to Disneyland 

Disneyland is one of the best places, especially during the holidays! I love seeing how they decorate the park, and also how guests dress up. I’m thinking I might go this week with Augustine since we’re only 30 minutes away!

#13 Go on a Hike

Fall is about getting outside and enjoying the weather. I’m looking forward to fall hikes with my guys, whether it’s a crisp 60 degrees or a warm 80! We’re looking for a good carrier to hike with Augustine, so if you have any recommendations let me know!

#14 Host a Friendsgiving Dinner

The other year I threw a fun Friendsgiving and I can’t wait to do it again! Sadly my best friends have all spread out over the last few months, and we’re still looking for friends in our neighborhood, but hopefully we can get a little group together. Good food + wine + friends is the best combo!

#15 Collect Fall Leaves

Usually, I don’t think that Southern California has a lot of fall foliage, but then I’m pleasantly surprised when we come across a tree that’s filled with the most beautiful autumn leaves. I can’t wait to go on walks with Augustine and collect leaves that make us think of fall. I know he’s going to love it because he’s so fascinated with trees and leaves already!  My brother and I have done this before on Thanksgiving morning, where we’ll go on a walk and collect all the colorful leaves to decorate our Thanksgiving table with. It’s nice to get a little exercise before that big holiday meal!

#16 Play Football in the Park

This always reminds me of that one Friends episode where they were all playing football outside on Thanksgiving. It just seems like such a fun fall activity. I’ve actually never played football, so I’m guessing I’d be competitive like Monica, but skill level 0 like Rachel!

#17 Have a Campfire at the Beach

This is another activity that I think would be so fun to do during the fall. Sure, campfires are great during the summer, but in fall you’d pretty much be guaranteed to wear your cozy sweaters and scarves! And roasted marshmallows in October sounds just as delicious!

#18 Go to Your Local Farmers Market

We do this year round but I especially love going to the farmers market in the fall. I love fall veggies like winter squash, brussels sprouts, and fruits like pears and figs. Plus you can pick out a bunch of apples to make pie with!

#19 Work on your Beverage Game

I love making pumpkin spice coffees at home, or making warms apple cider. You could also make a festive fall sangria with in-season fruits!

#20 Turn the AC up and Snuggle

If it’s not cold enough outside, I might need to take matters into my own hands. I’m not opposed to blasting the AC for a couple of hours so I can snuggle up with Matthew and Augustine. Can you blame me?

Has fall arrived where you are? Have you been doing anything to celebrate?


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