A Complete Brightening and Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

October 11, 2017


How to fight anti-aging and have healthier skin | M Loves M -@marmarAs most of you know, I am really passionate about taking good care of my skin {and it’s a highly-requested post to share the products I’m using}. I am all for a top-of-the notch skincare routine and this is it! I recently shared my daily morning skincare routine to show the products I have been using over the past three months that have really worked well with my skin. However, since we’re changing seasons, I thought it would be good to incorporate a more complete routine from one of my favorite skincare brands, Vichy. As a busy mom, I’m not always getting as much sleep as I’d like. This takes a toll on my skin’s brightness, so I’m always excited when I find products that work to add to my routine. My hope is that my skin will look healthy and hold onto its youthfulness for as long as possible, so today I’m sharing my complete! French beauty skincare routine I swear by to help with overall brightness and anti-aging and I hope it works for you too!

For the skincare gurus out there, you know that the products you wake your skin up with are just as important as the ones you put on to repair your skin overnight. I also think it’s really important to use products that are complementary and work well together. Read on for my complete brightening and anti-aging skincare routine:

A Complete Skincare Routine for Anti-Aging


Face Serum + Mineral 89 + Eye Cream + Face Moisturizer

My top Vichy products to help with skin brightening and anti-aging I wake up, usually a lot earlier than I’d like to, and wash my face right away. After a quick cleanse, I apply the Idéalia Serum to help rejuvenate my skin from the night. This face serum is amazing! It has antioxidants that restore the vibrancy of your skin but it also fights the environmental stressors that cause premature aging. I then go in with the Minéral 89  hydrating face moisturizer, and a staple in French skincare regimens, which I’ve been using am and pm. Mineral 89 is still one of my faves and I’ve been using it both day and night. I’ve found it really helps as a booster with other products and it’s incredibly hydrating, plus it gives my skin a glow! Mineral 89 is paraben-free and has Hyaluroinc Acid in it which I always hear is recommended by estheticians and dermatologists. It’s an ingredient that is really good at hydrating and plumping your skin which is great for anti-aging!

Cute product photography idea for healthy skincare

As I mentioned in my previous skincare routine post, I am a huge fan of Vichy’s LiftActiv Eye Cream. I use this eye cream both morning and night after my serums. I’ve really noticed a difference with this product because my eyes aren’t quite as puffy and dark as they should be!

Night creams that restore your skin and help you feel rejuvenated Creating healthy habits makes you feel beautiful inside and out

Lastly, I go in with the LiftActiv Supreme Face Moisturizer. There have been some studies lately that skin actually appears to age during the course of the day, probably due to those environmental toxins. Vichy made this product to help activate your skin throughout the day to give a brighter complexion all day. It also helps correct fine lines and dull skin over time. I really love a product that helps correct while giving immediate results!

How to wake up feeling refreshed with Vichy | M Loves M -@marmar

Throughout the day I like to spritz the Mineralizing Thermal Water all over my face as a refresher. I think I’ve told you before but Vichy is really known for their Mineralizing Thermal Water that they source from French volcanoes. The thermal water is infused with 15 essential minerals so it gives your skin lots of great natural antioxidants. I know most of you don’t work from home so I would suggest purchasing the smaller bottle and taking it to work with you to use throughout the day. I try to spray this on my skin whenever I think about it.


Mineral 89 + Eye Cream + Retinol + Night Creams

Taking off my makeup has to be one of my favorite parts of the day. It’s so refreshing having a clean face and applying products you know are going to work while you continue to wind down for the night. After cleansing my face, I go in with the Minéral 89 face serum again. This is such a Holy Grail product for me. If you’d like to read up more on why I love it so much I would refer to this previous post. I then re-apply the Vichy’s LiftActiv Eye Cream to help treat under eye puffiness and wrinkles over night.

Cute blue Vichy products for skincare regimens The best nighttime routines for anti-aging | M Loves M -@marmar The best eye cream for feeling refreshed and ready for your day

The creams I use at night are both powerful activated creams that prevent anti-aging. First I go in with the LiftActiv Retinol HA Concentrate Treatment. The retinol in this product visibly fills deep wrinkles and plumps your skin for younger looking skin and facial expressions {yes please!}. I end the routine with the LiftActiv Night Cream because it works with the retinol to aid in fighting wrinkles and restoring moisture back into your skin. This cream is so soft and creamy and I love the feel of it overnight. One note about products with retinol: You want to make sure you apply sunscreen during the day because Retinol can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

So that’s my current line up of products to help with anti-aging! If you haven’t tried I would highly recommend any of their products. I went to an event several years ago and was chatting with a dermatologist who introduced me to the brand. I got hooked on one of the face serums and have sincerely fallen in love with every product I’ve tried.

My favorite products to use for a healthy skincare routine | M Loves M -@marmar

When I can, I love to do a complete skincare routine with products from the same brand because I know they’ve been tested to work best together.  Other products I have used work great but some may not work as powerfully together as they would if they were from the same brand. There’s really a lot of research and science behind Vichy’s products to make sure they work for your skin. Let me know if you have any questions and I’d love to know if you guys enjoyed this post.


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DISCLOSURE: Thanks so much to Vichy for partnering with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own. Thank you so so much for supporting my sponsors. I feel so lucky to work with brands that I use and love! And I hope you love them too!

 photos by Priscilla Frey

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