10 Best Coffee Shops In Los Angeles

November 29, 2017


the 10 best coffee shops in Los Angeles - M Loves M @marmar

I don’t know about you but I feel like I can’t get enough coffee into my week. One of my favorite things to do is visit coffee shops. Los Angeles has some of the best coffee shops and I feel like a new one pops up each week. Most of you have probably seen my guide to Los Angeles and I got so many great replies that I decided to do an L.A. coffee guide! Let me know your favorites or which ones you visit.

10 Best Coffee Shops In Los Angeles

1) Verve Coffee Roasters

Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Verve coffee roasters have some of the best lattes and pastries around!

2) Groundwork Coffee

Groundwork is great because they have several locations in the LA area and all have really cute unique styles. Plus all their coffee is Organic.

3) Blue Bottle Coffee

This coffee is native to San Francisco but have been expanding south! I love their tasty cappuccinos! They have several locations all over L.A.

Inspiration for a great day in LA | M Loves M -@marmarThe best coffee for a wonderful day in LA

4) Lamill Coffee

These guys have the single origin espresso down. And they have several locations all over L.A.  {My favorite is Silverlake}

5) Intelligentsia Coffee

I know their coffee is good, but have you tried their iced tea? They have different infusions that they make fresh that are so refreshing!

6) Dinosaur Coffee

This coffee shop is just too cute! They have cute little dino’s everywhere and lots of plant life! Can’t wait to take Augustine here when he is a little older.

7) Cafe Vita

If you’re looking for a really funky space with a mean cup of coffee, this is your spot! Only one location in L.A. but it’s got some cool spaces to work and their coffee is ethically sourced with farm direct practices.

Perfect coffee for a day trip in LA The perfect cup of coffee in LA | M Loves M -@marmar

8) Go Get’Em Tiger

This is another cute shop that I can’t get enough of. Their Almond Macadamia nut Latte is a must try!


This is a fun stop on Abbot Kinney because you can shop Tom’s products or order a coffee and chill in their little backyard workspace. Their iced vanilla coriander latte is so yummy!

10) Copa Vida

This is a darling spot in Pasadena that has some of the best food options to pair with your coffee! I love their salads and pastry pairings.

Do you guys have any favorite coffee shops in L.A.? I love finding new spots and getting great recommendations from you all. Two new ones on my list to check out are Copa Vida in Pasadena and Menotti’s in Venice. Have you been to either?  I’ve also heard Chimney Coffee is really good with some delicious eats!

Make sure to check out the rest of my Los Angeles Guide for more great places to visit!


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