Making a House Feel More Like a Home

November 30, 2017


Making A House Feel More Like a Home - M Loves M @marmar

It’s hard to believe Matthew and I have been in our new house for 4 months this week. Seriously, that flew by! But can I be honest with you all and tell you there are still boxes we need to unpack?! Moving is tough, especially when there’s a little baby involved! 

One of my goals was to get the house more together for the holidays. Besides dealing with unpacking those boxes, this also means adding art to the walls. It’s so interesting how one little thing can make such a huge difference. We ordered some prints to be framed and picked out some new art, and adding them to the walls has brought so much life to our house. I really feel like art on the walls is the one surefire way to make a house feel more like a home. Don’t you agree? 


adding the finishing touches to our gallery wall making our house feel more like a home making our house feel more like a home these frames of our favorite memories look so good in our hallwayMaking A House Feel More Like a Home - M Loves M @marmar

Matthew and I have been really wanting to plan a gallery wall with family photos, since our last house actually. We picked out some of our favorites from the past few years (pregnancy, newborn, and family photos) and decided on a classic gold frame. I loved all the options from Framers Pointe– they actually had over 40 frame options! Framers Pointe is a new online custom framing site that has frames and art prints at extremely affordable price points. They make it so incredibly easy to print your favorite photos because you just upload them, pick the size, select the frame and boom! It’s the most simple 3 step ordering process and then I had my art within a few days. 

If you saw on InstaStories I was singing about my frames when I got them. I was just so so excited! They looked incredible in person, honestly better than I had hoped. The quality of the print was excellent, even with some of our film photo scans, and the frame was so well done. 

this wall art really opens up our dining area love these sea fan art from Framer's Pointe preparing for the holidays with this wall art and setting the table sea fan art hanging in our dining room area - M Loves M @marmar sea fan art hanging in our dining room area - M Loves M @marmar

To be honest, Matthew is not a fan of hanging art. He actually hates it! I had promised him the last time he hung art that I would hire a Task Rabbit next time to make things easier. Well, he took one look at the packet from Framers Pointe and was like “I think I can do this.” They have the most genius art hanging kit included that makes it incredibly easy to hang the frame on the wall. It makes a little mark on the wall when you hold up the art that allows you to easily hammer in your nail. Plus there’s a mini level so you know the photo will be straight. We had to do some measuring between the prints to make sure the spacing was equal, but for actually hanging the art it couldn’t have been more simple.

Matthew has raved about it to several friends, and he even said he would never hang frames without that kit again. That’s a pretty bold claim, but that’s when you know it’s legit! I’ve also been wanting some art for our dining room and fell in love with the Indigo Sea Fans on Framers Pointe. They have over 7,000 prints but as soon as I saw these I knew! I put them in a black frame, to match our dining room chairs, and they make this space look so much more together. I love that you can see them when you walk into the house too.

They’ve already gotten a ton of compliments and I love that some of you already told me on Instagram that you’re going to order matching ones! 

If you guys are interested in Framers Pointe I’d highly recommend their site! You could order something and probably have it well before the holidays. And isn’t art a great gift too? Last year we gave our parents a framed newborn photo of Augustine and they loved it. I saw that they’re having a Cyber Week sale until 12/3. You can get 20% off everything with the code: FPCYBER20.

Have a great day everyone and thanks so much for reading!


photos by Priscilla Frey