A Natural Way to Make Your House Smell Like Fall

November 11, 2017


an all natural way to make your house smell like fall - M Loves M @marmar

We’re well into fall and it finally feels like it in Southern California {hallelujah!}, so I’m bundling up in sweaters and coats, making pumpkin bread, and diffusing all the fall scents. As some of you know, love essential oils, not just for their amazing smells, but also for the benefits. Got a headache? I have a roller. Sleeping poorly? I know what to diffuse. Make the house smell like fall? I got you!

It’s been one year since I started using essential oils and what started as a way to bring non-toxic scents into my home {because apparently candles are not the best!}, has turned into a passion for health and wellness on a very basic and natural level. Essential oils have a ton of great properties, especially when you’re using the right ones. So many oils you see out in the stores have been distilled multiple times and are mixed with filler oils. The ones I get are therapeutic and first distillation, so they have all the most potent properties. In much the same way that aloe is amazing on burns, so are essential oils. I use them for a ton of purposes from de-stressing, muscle aches, even Augustine’s teething!

Today though I wanted to share a combination I’ve been diffusing regularly that makes the house smell like fall bliss. For a girl who was obsessed with candles, and I still love the look of them in our home, I’m so happy to have found a combination that helps me get into the spirit of the season!

My favorite scents to use during the holidays | M Loves M -@marmar The cutest fall decorations to use for Thanksgiving | M Loves M -@marmar

I really loved candles, like a lot a lot! It was the one go-to gift that people would alway give me. And I still them out because some candles are just too pretty to part with. But when I learned about how bad candles are for you, I was so shocked. It’s the fragrance guys. What’s emmited into the air via the fumes, fragrance and soot is just so so bad for our insides. And it’s really the “fragrance” that’s to blame. “Fragrance” on an ingredient label can contain thousands and thousands of synthetic chemicals because according FDA regulations, they’re not required to disclose what’s actually in them. Terrible, right?! This applies to other products like lotions and hand soaps too. So if you’ve ever wondered  why candles or laundry detergent gives you headaches, it’s probably from the “frangrance.” The best oils to use to make your home smell delicious -@marmar


My Favorite Fall Diffuser Combo

CINNAMON – 3 drops
NUTMEG – 3 drops
CLOVE- 2 drops
GINGER- 2 drops

Sometimes I’ll add a little more cinnamon, or a little more nutmeg depending on how I’m feeling. While they also smell incredible {like freshly baked pumpkin bread}, here are some other benefits:

Cinnamon is known to decrease inflammation, increases circulation, helps fight viruses and relieves depression. Cinnamon is probably my favorite spice and I have it daily in my coffee. I love that I can also add a drop of my essential oil though too since it’s just the oil from the cinnamon bark, nothing else!

Nutmeg aids in digestion and helps alleviate pain and inflammation. It also serves as a natural sleeping aid which is kind of interesting. Usually I diffuse Lavender or Peace and Calming at nighttime, but I’m going to add Nutmeg in now! Nutmeg also helps with menstrual cramps although I haven’t tried it yet!

Ginger helps with upset stomach and supports digestion. Have a sour stomach, add a drop of Ginger to your water, or make a tea with it! It also aids in respiratory problems, strengthens heart health, and has a high level of antioxidants. Plus it relieves anxiety!

Clove has antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, aphrodisiac, and stimulating properties. This oil is used for treating a variety of health issues including skin issues, toothache, indigestion, cough, asthma, headache, stress, and blood impurities.

Besides the fact that you can diffuse these oils above, you can also add them to foods or drinks {cinnamon in my coffee please!}. Since it’s just the oil from the plant, it’s all natural!

Check out my introduction to essential oils post if you’re interested in learning more, or email me! Love love love chatting oils with you guys. And if you’re interested in getting a starter kit this month I’d love to send you one of my favorite citrus oils! So you’d be getting 12 oils plus the diffuser. Also I have an amazing facebook group that I’ll add you to with a ton of great resources! The oil community is one of the best ever and I know so many of you would love and benefit from it, especially those of you with kiddos! Using essential oils was probably the best thing I’ve done in the past year {not counting having Augustine!}. It’s made such an impact on the wellness of our family, though, which I’m so grateful for!

I’m going to start a new Instagram account @MarEssentials to share more with you about oils! I get a lot of quesitons and sometimes it doesn’t really feel like the best fit for my main instagram account, but I’d love to share more with you about health and wellness in general. I’m hoping to include healthy recipes, workout ideas, along with favorite oils to diffuse. I hope you follow along!


Have a great weekend everyone!