Gift Guide For the Baby Boy

December 5, 2017


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Shopping for Augustine is almost always more fun than shopping for myself! Baby clothes are just so cute and I love finding new toys or books he can get into. It makes me so happy to see him happy. If you’re needing more ideas on what to get your little guy or maybe you’re shopping for a new baby in the family, this gift guide for the baby boy has you covered!

Gift Guide For the Baby Boy

Buying baby clothes is always a fun year-round thing I do for Augustine. Chances are if I see something I like I can’t resist buying it. However, the holidays gives me a chance to refresh some of the items he may have grown out of like a cute pair of pjs or some shoes {how cute are these sneaks?!}. This will also be the first year Augustine will really be out and about in cooler weather so I have opted for this adorable parka and cozy onesie. I also can’t get over how cute this little trapper hat is!

Also, I am so excited to get Augustine some toys! What would Christmas morning be without some toys under the tree?! Augustine is obsessed with playing in the low kitchen drawers so I thought what better present for him than getting a toy set kitchen with his own toys. This small set of pots is so great and would go perfectly with a new little kitchen!  I also enjoy reading and finding new books for Augustine and think this Dream Snow book is so cute for this time of year. This book would make a great baby gift too!

Some other really easy go-to gifts for your baby or a little nephew would be this set of socks, this bow-tie, or even this little blanket! There are endless options but I hope you enjoyed my top picks. Shopping for baby boys, especially my little guy, is one of my favorite hobbies!



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