Making a Dress More Comfortable

December 6, 2017


dressing down a dress for the holidays with a cozy sweater - M Loves M

It seems like my style has gotten a lot more casual over the past year. Probably because I’m chasing around a busy 15-month-old baby and instead of taking meetings I’m running errands. I’m so happy with this new stage of life, especially because that means I spend so much time with my favorite little guy, but I do miss getting dressed up. Dresses and heels and babies and diapers don’t mix that well!

I’ve been really looking forward to the holiday season because that means I can finally wear some of my new dresses! This silky mustard dress is so pretty and a great alternative to a black or red holiday dress. I love the gorgeous color and the material feels so nice. I wanted to bring that cozy factor I’m used to with my day-to-day so I threw on this chunky cardigan. I could live and sleep in this thing! It goes with everything, but it’s especially nice for chilly mornings at home. Adding a thick cozy sweater is definitely my favorite way of making a dress more comfortable.

an unexpected holiday outfit - dressy and feminine outfit that's still comfortable - M Loves M @marmar love this leopard clutch and it's under $50! cute and unexpected outfit inspiration for the holidays - M Loves M @marmar love dressing down a dress with a thick & cozy sweater - M Loves M @marmar the prettiest mustard dress that you could wear year round - M Loves M @marmar mustard dress with leopard clutch

Treated myself to this pretty star necklace! Saw it on someone the other month and knew I had to have my own!

this leopard clutch is so cute and affordable! It's under $50! a cozy sweater with a silk dress - M Loves M @marmar

I paired the dress and cardigan with what are now dubbed as my Cinderella shoes! Pink ruffles, a clear ankle strap, and a glitter heel make this a modern Princess shoe. Don’t you think?

feminine holiday outfit inspiration - M Loves M @marmar


cardigan {love all these colors too} . dress {also here & here}. heels . clutch {under $50!}. necklace {here too!} . bracelet one . bracelet two . rings . sunglasses . lipstick in I Believe .


Things going on over here today: finding a pretty font to label our Christmas cards with, making chocolate chip cookies {Matthew’s request!}, and organizing my closet and office. I feel like I’ve definitely been hit by this end of year tidying bug. I have so much I want to clean and organize. Do any of you have any tips or resources for a good book/podcast/website/blog about organization tips? I think I could benefit from some! I read and benefited from the book The Life-Changin Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo but I’m thinking I need more help with how to organize what I do have and find better systems for productivity, like with my computer files! Even if it was just advice like Laundy Days on Fridays or Meal Prep Sundays, that would be helpful! Basically, I’m just looking for life hacks so I don’t go too crazy. Any tips or advice would be so welcome. Thank you in advance!

Hope you all are having a great week!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


P.S. Did you see our latest home project?! I love it so much! And here’s an outfit that would be great to dress up or down!

photos by Vanessa Lentine