The Christmas Traditions We’re Looking Forward to Starting

December 13, 2017


christmas traditions we're looking forward to starting- M Loves M @marmar

Even though this is Augustine’s second Christmas it feels a lot like his first since he is so much more aware of everything going on. Last year he stared at the lights on the tree, but this year he points to the star on top, swats at the branches, and tries to grab ornaments. Christmas is really all about being with family and those people you love, but I will say there is nothing quite like experiencing it through a child’s eye. And I know it’s going to get better and better as this holiday becomes something he really looks forward to. Today I thought it would be fun to share some of the Christmas traditions we’re looking forward to starting as a family,  but I would also love love love to hear yours! I’m also sharing our 2017 holiday photos and I might have included one too many!

family photos of Mara Ferreira - LA/OC Mom and Fashion Blogger christmas card photos for a family of 3 - M Loves M @marmar Mara, Matthew & Augustine Christmas photos 2017 sweet family photos of LA blogger M Loves M @marmar family of 3 photos - Mommy Blogger M Loves M @marmar M Loves M family Christmas photos 2017 - @marmar sweet family photo ideas for holiday cards - M Loves M @marmar family photos with a one year old boy love these sweet family photos. Especially love that they don't look too Christmasy family of 3 holiday photo Ideas Augustine - the cutest little 1 year old boy! cute family photos in the mountains christmas traditions to start with your family

The Christmas Traditions We’re Looking Forward to Starting

  • December 1 Christmas Pajamas – I actually was thinking this was going to be a Christmas Eve tradition because how fun would it be to go to bed in new Christmas pajamas and wear them all the next day? I ordered pajamas {these ones} but every day I’d walk by them sitting lonely in the plastic bags thinking I wanted to wear them. So we decided to bring them out over the weekend and let me tell you I’m so glad we did! Now we can wear these pajamas for the rest of the month! Wearing Christmas pajamas in December is a little more exciting than wearing them in January and February {or June!}, although I’ll probably do that too!
  • Advent Calendar and Wreath- Growing up I loved having an Advent Calendar to celebrate the day leading up to Christmas. I also loved having an advent wreath on our dining room table. The idea is that you there are 4 candles and each candle will be subsequently lit on the 4 Sundays before Christmas. You also have spiritual readings and blessings you can say/read. I always loved being the one to light the candles, or blow them out!
  • Decorating the tree and singing carols – This is a tradition that Matthew and I have already started so I’m looking forward to continuing this with the little guy. And having a little hot chocolate bar sounds extra fun too!
  • Having a kid tree – We didn’t have a kid tree this year, but next year I plan on having a tiny little tree that Augustine can have in his room. It will probably be fake and a foot tall, so super tiny, but I like the idea of him having his own that he can decorate if he wishes. Really, I just want a tree in every room! How magical would that be?!
  • Elf on the Shelf– This is a tradition I didn’t do as a kid, but my nieces and nephews do it and I think it’s so cute! The idea is that you have a little elf that “watches” for Santa to see if the kids are being good. Every night he flies to the North Pole to report to Santa and then in the morning he shows up in a different spot in the house. The, the kids have to find him! I think that’s such a cute game and tradition, and it’s something Augustine would be able to figure out now!
  • Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls- I love cinnamon rolls and I feel like they’re so perfect on Christmas morning. Although, hmm, maybe sticky fingers and wrapping paper don’t mix well. Oh well, we’ll make it work! Do any of you have a good cinnamon roll recipe you’d recommend?
  • Kid Ornament Collections- One of you told me that each year you let your child pick out an ornament and I love that idea! How sweet that Augustine would have his own colleciton one day of ornaments he’s personally picked out since he was a baby. I know some of them he won’t remember picking out {like this year’s wool dog ornament} but eventually he will and that will be so special!

Other things I can’t wait to do during the holidays are snuggling up near the fireplace, reading our favorite Christmas stories, seeing houses lit up for the holidays, and doing charitable acts together as a family. There is so much to be grateful for this time of year, and family and God are always top of my list. I’m constantly reminded how lucky I am that I get this opportunity to live life and share it with the people I love most in the world. The holidays can be a stressful time, and while it can cause worries and headaches, I want to take it all in, soak up each moment, and cherish it all. This is what life is all about. This season of Christmas is worth so much more than the presents and the trees and decorations. It’s about togetherness. It’s about creating those memories and those moments together. It’s also about God’s enormous love for us.

I  heart you all and I hope this season is a magical one for you!

Ok, now tell me! What are some of your holiday traditions? Is there anything you love to do and always look forward to? Or something you want to start?*


* Disclosure: Any ideas shared with me might be “borrowed” by yours truly next year! 😉

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