8 Ways to Invite Love Into Your Life

February 16, 2018


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Just because Valentine’s Day is over, doesn’t mean we should forget about LOVE! It’s Valentine’s Day week and while to some it might be a corny Hallmark holiday, it’s really the perfect time to share your love for your friends, family, and even strangers. I thought I’d share some ideas with you all about how to invite love into our lives because love is more than just romance. Love is about caring for those around us and doing nice things that will hopefully make a difference. Our world needs a little more love these days and I truly believe we have the power to do things that will make a big impact.

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8 Ways to Invite Love Into Your Life

1. Pay it forward. I love the idea of little things that can make a big difference. Pay for the person behind you in the Starbucks drive-thru (or wherever your heart is leading you!) I also like to let the person behind me in line at Target go in front of me, especially when it’s a mom juggling a few kids. I know how hard errands are with littles ones {and I only have one!}, so if it looks like it will help I usually always do it!

2. Take time for yourself. Spend an afternoon getting a massage, taking a walk on the beach, tucked away with a good book! Make an afternoon of it and give back to yourself. Last week I took a bath for the first time in who knows how long and it was so nice and relaxing! I need to take that time for myself more often.

3. Bake a little something for the neighborhood. Whether you’re great at baking chocolate chip cookies or an amazing loaf of bread, baked goodies will always warm the heart. Take your baked goodies and give them to a neighbor, local firefighters, or check with local shelters to give a little extra to those in need.

4. Share your skills. Have a passion for knitting? Knit a blanket and donate it to a local women’s shelter. (Or donate any extra blankets and towels to your local animal shelter)

5. Reconnect with an old friend– Take time to connect with a long lost friend whom you’ve lost touch with. I’ve recently been reconnecting with one of my college friends becuase we’re in similar life stages with babies and it’s been so nice! Don’t worry if there’s been a lot of time in between. If you’ve been thinking of reconnecting with someone, do it! The thought and effort will make a huge difference.

6. Unplug. Give yourself a detox from technology and spend extra time with friends and family. Occasionally I will take social media breaks and I’m always so happy after I do. While our phones and social media are a great tool for connection, it shouldn’t be a substitute for living and experiencing our own live. By taking breaks every now and then I’m able to refocus my energy on those around me. I’d highly recommend this if you haven’t done it in awhile! Maybe we should pick a date this month and all do it?

7. Plant a tree/plant. Give back to Mother Nature and watch her grow! There’s something so satisfying about watching something grow. Augustine and I recently planned some green onions in our backyard and it’s been fun to check on them every day. I can’t wait to plant an herb garden with him this summer! If you can’t plant anything, get an indoor plant! Filling our home with greenergy has been so rewarding. So many plants will help purify the air quality by killing toxins.

8. Be still and quiet. Whether you pray or mediate, allow yourself time to do nothing. Let any sort of fear or worry leave you. Focus on your breathing and take deep breaths in and out. I find that this calmness gives me a renewed sense of passion and purpose.

I hope some of these steps help you spread a little love, and receive it as well! I heart you all!

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