Augustine’s Schedule at 16-17 Months

February 27, 2018


Augustine's Schedule at 16-17 Months- M Loves M @Marmar

It’s so hard to believe that Augustine is almost a year and a half old! I feel like the last 6 months, in particular, have gone by incredibly fast. He changes a little bit each day, learning and doing so much more than the day before. The development is so fascinating and amazing! I’ve gotten some questions about what Augustine’s schedule is like so I thought I’d do a post and share with you below. Note: we just transitioned from one nap to two, but I’m going to include both schedules since we’ve been back and forth the past month or so.

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Augustine’s Schedule at 16-17 Months

5:30-6 am Wake Up! Our little guy is an early riser, especially during our nap transition. I have a feeling we went through the 18 month sleep regression a little early too because there were mornings when he was up at 4:30 ready to go. It was a tough couple of weeks, to say the least.

7 am Breakfast. We still try to keep to breakfast around 7 am because hopefully he’ll start sleeping in a little bit later. Our go-to breakfasts for him are usually a healthy toast {We like Ezekial’s or Dave’s Killer Bread} with avocado and a fried egg. Matthew fixes the best fried eggs with some paprika. Augustine loves it, and anything he doesn’t eat, I will! I’ll also make him some oatmeal sometimes with a spoonful of nut butter and some fruit.

8 am-11 am Play at Home. We usually spend the mornings playing at home. When Augustine was waking up super early we couldn’t really go anywhere because I didn’t want him to fall asleep in the car. I think morning errands/activities will be a lot easier once he’s on a reliable nap schedule. At home, we like to play in his play kitchen or sandbox. {His kitchen was a hand-me-down from his cousin, but this kitchen is great affordable option!}

11:30-1:30 pm Nap. If we’re lucky Augustine will take a 2 hour nap, but more often than not it’s about an hour and 20 minutes. He always wakes up happy though, although he does try to fight his post-nap diaper change. Usually we’ll read a couple more books before heading downstairs.

1:30 pm Lunch. I know our lunch is a little late, but until we can move his nap a little closer to 12, it’s hard to get him to eat another meal before 11:30 am. For lunch, we usually have leftovers from dinner the night before, which makes it easy. He also loves to eat sweet potatoes so sometimes I’ll roast them in the morning, or during his nap, so that they’re ready by lunchtime.

2 pm Errands & Activity. In the afternoons I like to go out with him to run some errands – either to the store or post office. On the way back though we’ll stop at the park and run around for a little bit. He just got a soccer ball from my mom that he loves to kick and throw!

4:30 pm Afternoon Walk. I like to be home by 4:30 so we can go on an afternoon walk around the neighborhood. Augustine loves looking at the trees and birds, and lately he’s been fascinated by this one pathway that leads to a bridge.

5 pm Dinner. I’ll cook dinner while Augustine plays in his kitchen. I like to make him soup because I can get in some good veggies and beans. Augustine loves lentil or bean soups the best. I’ll also give him some bites of avocado, cheese, sweet potatoes, cucumber, and other things we have in the fridge. He loves his almond and cashew milk so drinks that throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll make him a little yogurt with fruit as a “dessert.”

6:15 pm Bathtime. If we give him a bath, we usually do it around 6:15. Augustine loves the water and we’re always having to give him just one more minute. Here’s a post about our Bathtime Routine.

6:30 pm Milk and Stories. Augustine loves picking out books, or I’ll give him a few options. Lately we’ve been loving Shh! Bears Sleeping and Good Night God. Here’s more about some of Augustine’s other favorite books.

7 pm Bedtime. We aim for a 7 pm bedtime but sometimes it ends up being closer to 7:30pm. Augustine likes to play around his room and I like to let him get his last bit of energy out. He’ll usually come to me and let me know when he’s ready for sleep. Here’s a post I did about our Bedtime Routine at 1 year.

Augustine still occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night. I’d say he sleeps through the night maybe 2 out of 7 nights. When he wakes up it’s around 2 or 4 am. I give him about 5 minutes before going in, just in case he settles himself. Frequently he will, but other times I’ll have to go in. In that case, he’s usually pressed up towards the top of the crib, or even sitting down or on his knees. If I hold him and rock him for a few minutes, he’ll calm back down and fall asleep. I know at almost 18 months I probably shouldn’t do this, but I just can’t stand to hear him cry, especially for more than 5-10 minutes. I know that night terrors are really common around this time, too, so I would hate to think that he’s scared or feeling alone. Even though waking up in the middle of the night makes me super tired the next day, I know it’s a short-lived occurrence so I don’t really mind.

Note: When Augustine was taking two naps the first one would be around 9:30 am/10am – 11 am and the second one was around 2:30/3-3:30/4 pm. When he’d wake up from his second nap at 4 pm, bedtime usually ended up being a little closer to 7:30/8 pm. I started to feel like we needed to drop the second nap though when he would fight it and it would be too late to put him down for a 7 pm bedtime.

I know every baby is different and has different needs, so our schedule might not be typical for most. I wanted to share it nonetheless though, for those mamas that are curious. I have a feeling it will change a little bit more in the next few months as Augustine gets more settled with his one nap a day, but this is what it’s been like currently. I keep hearing that when his nap is around 12:30/1 pm we’ll be able to do some fun things together in the morning. I’ve been getting excited, looking into local swimming and music classes. I think it’s going to be so fun to get back into some weekly activities. I so loved our Mommy & Me group, and I know Augustine probably misses that playtime and interaction too!


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