The Product Every Woman Needs, but Doesn’t Want to Admit

March 31, 2018


Thank you so much to Braun for partnering with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own. Thanks so much for supporting my sponsors!

The Product Every Woman Needs, but Doesn’t Want to Admit - M Loves M

Alright get ready for a real talk post! Hair for a woman is amazing, as long as it’s on our head! Am I right?! I remember being in middle school and wanting to shave my legs so badly, but my mom kept making me wait. I know she wanted me to appreciate my beauty from within, but I’m sure she was also helping delay the never-ending journey of shaving my legs. Because once you start, you can’t stop. While it was fun to shave my legs that very first time, it’s been a chore every day since. When I was in college I got one of those daily deals for laser hair removal, thinking that would prevent me from ever picking up a razor again. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. I loved doing laser hair removal though because it did prevent me from needing to shave as often. I did 5 or 6 treatments, and that put me in a good place for about 5 years. I’ve thought about getting laser hair removal done again because I feel like it’s something that would give me a little more confidence, as well as speed up my shower time! The time and money has always held me back, though, so that’s why I was so excited about this post. I’m chatting about a game-changing product in the beauty industry!

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When Braun reached out about working together with their Venus Silk-expert 3 powered by Braun IPL device, I thought, “Is this something my readers would enjoy?,” as I do with every collaboration. I always want to make sure the partnerships I do are a good and natural fit. Very quickly, though, I realized that this product was super intriguing to me so I knew it might be for you too! I feel like there are so many women out there who are frustrated with unwanted hair and hate the time & money it takes to remove it. I, for one, am definitely, one of those people!

So here’s what you need to know!

The Venus Silk-expert 3 powered by Braun combines the world’s #1 female shaving brand with the leader in global device-based root-hair removal and offers a super convenient and comfortable solution for doing IPL at home. Laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) have become really popular lately to help remove body hair with longer-lasting results. Usually, this is a treatment that you would get done in a clinic but I love that this device allows you to do it easily at home. If you’re a mom or a busy girl on the go, you know how much more comfortable and convenient it would be to do something like this at home. Personally, I hardly have time to get a manicure, so treatments like this definitely become last on my priority list. With summer around the corner though, it’s definitely been on my mind.

The product is incredibly easy to use, and you can put it on the Gentle mode for your first time to get used to it. The Gentle mode can also be used on sensitive areas, like underarms and bikini line. Also, there’s the SensoAdapt™ technology that ‘reads’ your skin to make sure you’re getting the right amount of light for your skin tone and adapts the intensity accordingly for the most effective and safest treatments. I feel like that gave me a lot more confidence in the product knowing I was getting the right amount of light for my skin tone. And just so you know, IPL is most effective on light to medium skin tones with hair that ranges from darker blonde to dark brown or black. Unfortunately, it isn’t as effective on blonde, red, grey or white hair where there is a smaller amount of melanin in the hair follicle, and therefore less light is absorbed.

Using this device is not painful at all! I would never in a million years say it hurt, but you do feel a little zap. When I laser hair removal done years ago it was actually a little more uncomfortable and felt like rubber bands snapping against my skin. That is not the case with this device at all! It was virtually painless in my experience, I promise!

The results are supposed to be the same from using the device and going into a salon, although the cost, of course, is much lower. This device pays for itself almost immediately which is another big selling point. I love that you can get the same smooth skin results in just 8-12 weeks by using the device at home as you would going to a salon for several treatments. It also takes literally no time. I’ve found that I can do my legs in 20 minutes and my underarms in 2!

In the past month since I’ve been using the product I’ve noticed that my hair is a lot finer and growing more slowly – so so happy about that! I feel like because I have this device I’ll probably end up using it more, and even on areas I probably wouldn’t pay for. It’s also approved by the FDA for facial use below the cheekbones, so you can use on the upper lip, chin, and jawline.

If any of you are interested in checking it out or reading more, you can get it at Walmart. I’m really looking forward to using it more and seeing the full results! So far I’ve been really impressed though! There’s currently a $25 rebate going on too!

Have any of you ever done laser hair removal or at-home hair IPL removal? What were your thoughts? Would love to know!


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