Easter 2018

April 2, 2018


cute family photo inspiration for Easter

Easter is one of my absolute favorite holidays. While there’s the obvious fun of egg hunts and candy, I also love to reflect on what this day means. As a Christian, Easter reminds us of the great sacrifice Jesus made for us when he died on the cross, and was also resurrected. It’s a day of faith, hope, and love. I’m so happy that we were able to celebrate with my family and it was extra special because it was also my younger brother’s birthday. Here are some photos from our Easter 2018.

Easter 2018 with Augustine Augustine hunting for eggs Augustine 18 month old - M Loves M fashion and lifestyle blogger family Easter day Mommy and Son Easter  photo - M Loves M OC and LA fashion, lifestyle and motherhood blogger @marmar Mommy and Son Easter egg hunt Augustine hunting for Easter eggs Mara and Augustine - OC and LA lifestyle and mommy blogger  M Loves M Easter 2018 with M Loves M @marmar

I was curious whether Augustine would be interested in an egg hunt, and he was! My parents hid the eggs in their front yard, the same yard my brother and I used for our own childhood egg hunts! Augustine went out and immediately started to spot them. It was so funny because he would pick them up and then drop them into the tin watering can. That’s a memory we’ll definitely be reminding him of one day! We haven’t given Augustine candy yet, so the eggs were empty, but he didn’t mind one bit. He still had a great time looking for them and opening and closing them.

When I think of how little Augustine was last Easter, it makes me wonder about next year. He’ll really be running and jumping around, probably talking nonstop, and hopefully, potty trained. Wow! One challenge with parenthood is living in the moment. I really want to enjoy all these moments but it’s hard not to remember the past and think about the future. I just get so nostalgic and excited, both at the same time. I love our little boy so much, though, and I’m so proud of all he’s learning and doing right now at this stage. I know this next year will be full of a lot of growth and development for him and I hope I can enjoy it day by day!

I hope you had a wonderful and special Easter weekend!



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