The Proper Order to Apply Your Skincare Routine

April 10, 2018


The Proper Order to Apply Your Skincare Products in the Morning - M Loves M lifestyle and beauty blogger @marmar

As I’ve gotten more interested in the world of skincare, I’ve developed quite a routine that starts with washing my face, and ends with an SPF. There are so many products out there, across different categories, that it can be a little confusing when you think of which order to apply them in. Through visits at various spas and salons, though, I’ve learned the proper order to apply your skincare routine, and I thought I’d share it with you in case any of you are interested or curious too!

the proper order to apply your skincare products in the morning - M Loves M lifestyle blogger @marmar

The Proper Order to Apply Your Skincare Routine

STEP 1 – Cleanser

A fresh start in the morning with a good cleanser to help deep clean from a night of sleeping. I linked several popular ones below. As I mentioned in my Favorite Beauty Products of 2017 post,  I loved this microfoliant. It was a game changer for my skin texture and I noticed such a difference. I’ve tried different ones since then, but they haven’t compared. Usually I’ll apply a light cleaner, like this one, and then use an exfoliant every few days. This exfoliant is gentle enough for daily use though! Tip: at night, make sure to do a double cleanse to make sure you’re really getting your makeup off. This step makes a huge difference and you don’t want to skip it!

STEP 2- Toner

A toner is a must have for any skin routine (morning and night!). It helps to balance out your skin’s pH levels and hydrate your skin. I’ve been using this toner {good budget buy and excellent reviews!} but I also loved this one with Calendula flowers that I used religiously until I ran out. Both are alcohol free which I think is important to note. You don’t want to have a toner that’s too drying unless you have very oily skin.

STEP 3- Serums

I love serums. I’ve mentioned several times before that serums were a product I learned about somewhat recently {in the past 2-3 years} bu they’ve been a game changer. They’re supercharged so a little goes a long way and they’re great for building moisture and daily protection for your skin. You can get a serum for several different skin concerns. I’ve used several and have loved this one from Skinceuticals the best. Yes, it’s pricy, but I’m telling you all it’s worth it. Read more about the importance of fighting environmental aging. Other serums I’ve loved include this Vitamin C serum, and this Advanced Nighttime Repair one.

STEP 4- Eye Cream

Don’t skip an eye cream! This is a step that I probably could have started sooner but it’s so important to include. The skin around your eyes is so delicate and because most other products aren’t applied there, you leave that area immediately exposed to the effects of the sun and environment. A good eye cream will not only be preventative, but it will also help your current eye situation by de-puffing and minimizing dark circles. I’ve been using this eye cream that I really like, and I also really liked this natural option that’s a good price too!

STEP 5- Face Oils/ Moisturizer

So the next two steps are open to debate. Some say to do oils first and then moisturizer, but more often than not I hear to finish off a face oil. So maybe see which order you like best. You all have probably heard me talk nonstop at my love for this Day Cream, so I won’t get into it too much more. But I did notice there’s an amazing deal going on with the brand here.  You can get 3 of their best-selling products for more than 50% off! Check out the video they feature too to see some of the amazing 2 week before/afters. So amazing right?!

STEP 6- Moisturizer / Face Oils

I’m obsessed with face oils and this is another one of those products that I found out only in the past few years. Face oils are a great product though because they lock everything in for the day, give you a healthy glow, and usually smell amazing! Out of all the face oils I’ve tried, I think this Brightening Oil is my favorite, but I also love this one that has ginger root in it.


Never leave the house without applying sunscreen! This is a must, no matter where you live but especially in Southern California. I’ve used a handful of SPFs and sometimes I include them in my moisturizer, but other times I like a standalone product. Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t as big of a fan of the SkinCeuticals SPF, even though I love everything else I’ve tried from them. I used this sunscreen last month and loved that it had a neutral scent. This one is also another great go-to because the consistency is light and fluid, not thick and heavy. For a drugstore SPF, I like any of these! They’re always good go-tos!


the proper order to apply your skincare - M Loves M lifestyle blogger @marmar

I hope you all enjoyed this post and it helped answer any questions you have. I’d love to hear what your routine is like, and if you have any favorite products you’ve used.


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photos by Kimber Brown

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