How I Decorated Our Reading Nook

May 30, 2018


My reading nook makeover is live on the blog! | M Loves M @marmar

It’s been so much fun getting our new house together over the past 10 months. Yikes, we might not be able to say “new house” anymore since it’s almost been a year. Well, regardless, it’s all been a work in progress and I’m so excited to share some of the rooms with you over the next few months. I wanted to share our reading nook today because it’s a corner of our home that I’ve been so proud to put together.

Our Reading Nook

If you remember, in our last house we had a little reading nook with built-in shelves. We haven’t figured out a good bookcase spot yet, but we borrowed one of the club chairs to put together this cozy spot in our bedroom. I love this spot because it’s where I can read books, to myself or to Augustine, or just relax with a cup of coffee or tea. It’s also a spot that I’ll be able to nurse babies, you know, when the time comes.

I love this floral maxi dress for summer! | M Loves M @marmar

I always love the baskets at World Market so I ended up getting a lot of accessories from there for the space. This basket is such a great size for storing extra blankets and pillows, and I love the handles. It reminds me of one I saw from another retailer for double the price.

Marble always adds a great element to a space, so I was kind of set on finding a marble side table. I found this one that’s actually a laptop table which I thought would be handy if we ever wanted to move it downstairs by the couch. So far, I really love it up here though. I keep a little mini succulent on the table, with a candle, and some hand cream to make this spot extra homey! By the way, aren’t the labels on these hand creams and soaps so pretty? They would make such a great little gift!

Love these cozy decor details! | M Loves M @marmar I am obsessed with Gray Malin photos and love our new print! | M Loves M @marmar

Gray Malin is one of my favorite photographers and his travel art is always so inspiring. We have one of his prints from Positano in our dining room and when I saw this one of Makena Beach in Maui I thought it would work perfectly in our bedroom. You’ll see that it also ties in the colors of the pillows on our bed. It’s such a statement piece but it’s so calming when we look at it. It’s also a great reminder of one of our favorite spots we’ve traveled to as a family!

How to makeover a reading nook! | M Loves M @marmar The cozy bedroom reading nook I loved designing! | M Loves M @marmar Do you have relaxing areas of your home? I love our cozy reading corner! | M Loves M @marmar I made over our bedroom reading nook with decor from World Market and Gray Malin! | M Loves M @marmar Cozy knitted blankets and sheepskins rugs make our bedroom so inviting! | M Loves M @marmar

To tie in the pink a little more, I added this cozy knit throw. Matthew doesn’t have any issues with pink… thank goodness! This throw is incredibly soft and I love the texture. This throw also comes in ivory, gray, and light blue!

As I mentioned, we split up the club chairs from our last reading nook since both wouldn’t fit downstairs in the living room. Here’s a similar one with tufted detail.

This is my favorite place to read in my entire home! | M Loves M @marmar


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I hope you liked our reading nook area! Even in our apartments, I’ve always tried to have a special spot like this where I can read and drink my coffee and tea. I do my best to keep this a clothes-free area, but there are definitely those days where I can’t even see the chair. It’s just a mountain of clothes. But, since I’ve added these helpful organization tricks into my daily routine, we’ve been able to keep this area relatively clean. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Our bedroom is almost done, by the way. We are just finalizing the curtains. Once they’re up, I’ll be able to share a full bedroom reveal with you! It’s probably my favorite room in the house right now, especially because of our reading nook.


P.S. Did you see my post where I shared Augustine’s favorite books? We love to read together!

photos by Priscilla Frey