13 Father’s Day Gifts Picked by a Real Dad

June 1, 2018

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13 Father’s Day Gifts Picked by a Real Dad

G’Day, Readers! It’s your 9th favorite blogger husband here, Matthew. I continually get blackmailed into writing these gift guides, but since I have to do it, I might as well show you some of my favorite Father’s Day gifts that I think your husband/dad/grandpa or whoever else you celebrate for Father’s Day might like too. Enjoy!

1. J.Crew Magic Wallet
My brother got me into this. It’s legit. When I don’t need my huge wallet with my Costco, AAA, and stinky fart record holders membership cards, I can streamline my operation.

2. Black Weekender Bag
Get him a real weekender bag. It will force him to pack less.

3. Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool
This is useful, period. He can keep it in the car or in the utility drawer. A good multi-tool is always on my gift guides.

4. Sperry Kicks
Just in case he needs new summer shooz.

5. A Thought Provoking Book
Teach a man to read…and he’ll read on planes or when he’s at the DMV.

6. Osprey Baby Carrier
Hiking is either a solo thing where you focus your chi, or a great excursion with family or friends. Now you can bring your crying toddler to ruin it.

7. Pour Over Coffee Kit
Pour over coffees are delicious. If the guy in your life relies on caffeine like I do, he’ll definitely enjoy a better tasting cup of joe.

8. Home Brewing Beer Kit
I brewed all of the beer served at our wedding many moons ago (all 40 gallons). My love for brewing started from a single home brew kit from my lil Mara. I highly recommend. It will at least give dad an intro to soup cooking.

9. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee
Dissolves amazingly and is super smooth. My choice for “splurge” instant coffee. It also contains magic mushrooms.

10. Classic Sunglasses
These sunnies are dope. I want these for my own collection.

11. Weber Portable Mini Grill
Does your dude like to host BBQs away from his large stationary home BBQ? This is easy, compact, and good for weenie roasting at the beach.

12. Short Sleeved Chambray Shirt
Easy choice for it’s comfort and low risk style. My high risk choice is the mankini.

13. Portable Hammock
Teach a man to relax in a hammock and he’ll either read or sleep. My current ratio is 10% read to 90% sleep. Thank you, Dr. Seuss.

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Have a great weekend everyone!!