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June 4, 2018



My toddler loves these toys! | M Loves M @marmar

I always get asked about the toys Augustine likes to play with, and I feel like it’s a question I always ask my mom friends too. Little ones change their preferences pretty quickly, so it’s nice to mix things up a bit with different kids toy options. Today I thought I’d share the kids toys that Augustine will frequently play with and ask for.  Hopefully this post is helpful if you have a busy little toddler at home, or if you’re looking for a gift idea!

My baby has so much fun playing with these toys! | M Loves M @marmar These are the best toys for kids! | M Loves M @marmar

Augustine’s Favorite Kids Toys

VTech Drop & Go Dump Truck

Like most little boys, my Augustine loves watching the big trash trucks drive by each week. So we just had to get him his own set of dump trucks! He loves playing with them, especially on trash day!

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

Augustine is getting to be a pretty good walker, but this popper walker was such a help when he was first learning to walk. He still loves using it though. It gives him just enough balancing help that he can run around and have a blast!

Pottery Barn Kids Kitchen

My sister-in-law was so kind to pass this adorable kitchen on to Augustine when her little guy outgrew it. We keep it in our kitchen so Augustine can “cook” while we do. He loves food so we spend a lot of time in the kitchen! This is definitely Augustine’s most used and most loved toy! Here’s a great under $100 option!

Ikea Oversized Dog

This isn’t the exact same version we have, but Augustine loves his “Brownie dog” from Ikea. The oversized model is just so cuddly and fun for him to play with. He really loves dogs right now so he always wants Brownie to go everywhere with him.

Hey! Play! Magnetic Drawing Board

I loved these magnetic drawing boards as a kid and I’m so happy Augustine does too! It’s so convenient to bring along on long car rides and is a clean and easy way to keep him entertained.

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk Set

Drawing with sidewalk chalk is one of our favorite activities! It’s so fun seeing him get creative and we’ve been practicing spelling words like his name too. The other day I was so impressed because I drew an A, asked him what it stood for, and he pointed to himself! So cute!

Kids Adventure Jumbo Blocks

These blocks are still a little too big for Augustine to build with, but he loves starting to put them together and we normally help him build a big wall. I can’t wait to see what he builds as he gets older.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Remote

Augustine is already really interested in technology, which we’ve been trying to avoid while we can. He still doesn’t watch T.V. {we actually don’t even have one in our house!} but he loves the remote for the fan in our room. When my mom friend told me her daughter loves this remote, I knew I had to get it because it seems like a great learning tool. I know he’s going to have so much fun pressing all the buttons, hearing the music, and seeing the lights. Plus he can use the remote to hear numbers, ABCs, colors, opposites, greetings, and more things he needs to learn!

3 Bees and Me Dinosaur Toys

Not a big surprise here, but Augustine loves dinosaurs! These little dinosaurs are one of his favorite toys to play with and we’ve even started reading some fun books about them too.

Top Bright Number Puzzle Board Wooden Toy 

Another classic toy that I’m glad to see Augustine enjoying. It’s such a great learning tool and I love that we can practice his numbers, colors, and teach him about space and shapes with this puzzle.


While Augustine likes these toys, he also loves playing with regular household items like our mixing bowls, the broom, the vacuum, towers of paper towels, basically anything he can get his hands on. He also loves storytime which makes me so happy because reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I recently shared Augustine’s 20 favorite books and we read multiple of them a day. You wouldn’t believe all the books I know by heart now!

I’d love to hear what toys and books your little ones love! I’m always looking for fun new activities too. Did you catch my list of my favorite activities for kids in Orange County? Even if you don’t live in Southern California, there are some fun activities that you can probably find in your town too.

Happy Monday everyone!


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