5 Real Life Moments that Made Matthew Feel Like a Dad

June 13, 2018


Father's Day celebrations! | M Loves M @marmar

Father’s Day is right around the corner and I am so excited to celebrate Matthew! These early years of parenthood are fun but boy oh boy can they be challenging! I feel so lucky to have Matthew because he does so much for us on a daily basis, whether he’s helping change diapers, folding laundry, or picking up groceries. It’s a team effort around here raising our sweet Augustine, but I can’t wait to celebrate Matthew and his VIP role of Dad this weekend! Today I thought I’d share 5 funny real life moments that show what an amazing Dad Matthew is, plus a Father’s Day tradition we’re hoping to start!

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5 Real Life Moments that Made Matthew Feel Like a Dad

  • Changing Augustine in the back of our SUV—One time Matthew and Augustine came along on one of my shoots, and while I was shooting Augustine had a major blow out. Augustine was only a few months old and even though Matthew had changed diapers, he hadn’t done it on the go. He handled it like a pro though, changing him on the pull-out of our SUV trunk.
  • Matthew’s first weekend on solo Dad duty was when he really realized, “I’m someone’s Dad!” I went to my best friend Lizzie’s bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs and Matthew was on the clock. When I got back, Matthew told me that he slept on top of the covers in his daytime clothes so that he wouldn’t get too comfortable that he wouldn’t hear Augustine wake up in the middle of the night. Isn’t that so sweet? Matthew was so nervous about this weekend of solo parenting, but it gave him so much confidence and amazing bonding time with Augustine.
  • Getting peed on, pooped on, thrown up, and sometimes all at once! And now there are the smacks, slaps, and pinches. That’s when real life just smacks you right in the face…literally!
  • One of the coolest things about being a parent is seeing your little one light up about something so sweet and innocent. One day Augustine saw a balloon in our neighborhood. He was so excited and happy and wanted to hold it so badly. We felt so sad because it wasn’t our balloon to share, but Matthew went out to get one just for Augustine. It was a little thing but it made Augustine so happy. Something else that just makes Augustine light up are pickles. He gets so excited when he spots the green jar in our fridge. He even starts clicking his tongue! 
  • For whatever reason, Augustine is obsessed with belly buttons right now. He loves to pick up Matthew’s shirt and poke his belly button with his finger. It catches Matthew so off guard and even though it sometimes hurts, it’s also kind of funny–especially to Augustine. Matthew has a scab from the last jab, but it’s a reminder that he’s a Dad to a sweet and playful little boy. One day Augustine won’t be as fascinated by belly buttons and we’ll miss these times!

We picked up these matching mini me Getaway Shirts from Old Navy because the exotic garden print is so perfect for summer! Plus, Matthew is a huge fan of blues and greens. This style of shirt is so great because it’s easy to throw on and yet it’s fun and makes a statement. It also makes you feel like you’re instantly on vacay! Matthew and Augustine haven’t matched yet but this felt like such a fitting time for Father’s Day. How do you think they did for their first twinning moment? I’m smitten to say the least! Of course, I wanted to fit in too so I wore this pretty fit and flare dress in a tropical print. This style of dresses is one of my favorites and I’ve bought several over the years because of the flattering fit and pretty color options. 

By the way, Old Navy is having a huuuge sale! You can take up to 50% the entire store until 6/19. If you need a good summer tote bag, I really love this one! I also picked up this striped sweater that I showed you on Instagram last week. It’s quickly become a new favorite! And if you need a really good white tee, this is my go to! It holds its shape so well. I’m also planning on stocking up on some flip-flops for all of us, because we need a few new pairs for pool and beach days. They’re so affordable during this sale, this style is only $2.50 a pair!

I’d love to know what you do with your families for Father’s Day! Matthew loves being outdoors so we hope that every Father’s Day we can spend some time outside. I think that’s definitely going to be one of our traditions. This year we’re planning on going on a boat ride with my Dad too. Maybe on Balboa Island! We think it will be so fun to bring a little picnic on board, look for whales and fish and make some fun memories!

Have a great day everyone and thanks so much for reading!



Matthew: shirt . pants . shoes .

Augustine: shirt . shorts. shoes . hat .

Mara: dress . sandals . bag .

photos by Vanessa Lentine