3 Ways to Style Polka Dots in a Mature Way

July 18, 2018


How to wear polka dots as a an adult. | M Loves M @marmar

I have a confession to make…I am absolutely crazy about polka dots! I’ve always thought they are such a fun and classic print and I’ve been thrilled to see how many great options have been available lately. Gotta love when a trend works in your favor! But I know some people can find polka dot prints to be a little juvenile. Which is why I wanted to share some tips on how to style polka dots in a mature way!

A black and white polka dot dress. | M Loves M @marmar A black and white polka dot dress with black circular straw bag. | M Loves M @marmar Topshop black and white polka dot dress. | M Loves M @marmar Topshop polka dot dress from Topshop. | M Loves M @marmar Red suede chunky heels with black and white polkadot dress. | M Loves M @marmar I love this white and black dress for summer. | M Loves M @marmar A classic print remade in a fun new way. | M Loves M @marmar Black and white polka dot dress with red lips, oversized sunglasses and statement earrings. | M Loves M @marmar

3 Ways to Style Polka Dots in a Mature Way

Prioritize Print

I feel like you can take two routes with polka dots, go big or go small! The medium size dots seem to be the ones that look the “cutest”. To me, smaller dots seem really sophisticated and oversized ones are so bold! For an even more unique look, try finding a fabric that mixes two polka dot prints like this dress does {P.S. It’s 50% off!!!}. It makes so much of a statement and feels new and fresh.

Consider Color

You know I love feminine colors, but polka dots may not be the best time to wear pinks and pastels! Neutral colors like black, white, or navy feel more mature when paired with a whimsical print. Plus they leave room for you to get more creative with your accessories. This outfit was the perfect opportunity for me to wear my favorite red sandals.  A stronger color like red or jewel tones would also be a great choice if you were looking to make a statement!

Utilize Silhouette

When styling polka dots, silhouette is so important. This is not the time to go for any cut that may make you look a bit younger, like mini-dresses or wide skirts. I chose this dress because the longer length felt really sophisticated to me, especially because of the dramatic slit! For a more formal event, this long black and white style would be perfect. I’m also loving the French girl inspired blouses that have been trending lately like this one. Styles a bit more elevated like a blouse will look more mature than a tank top or t-shirt with a polka dot print.


dress {50% off!} . shoes {30% off!} . bag . earrings . sunglasses . lipstick in Caprice .


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has a lot of really great polka dot options! Like this beautiful blouse that would be perfect for work or date night! Or this black dress that has a more relaxed polka dot print. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is quite the shopping extravaganza! But it can also be a bit overwhelming, which is why I’ve shared my best tips for shopping the sale here and here. Keep checking back over the next few weeks as I’ll be sharing some of my favorite pieces from the sale!

What’s your favorite way to style polka dots? Do you have a favorite color, silhouette, or fabric I just have to check out?!


photos by Priscilla Frey