The Best Deals From the Amazon Prime Day Sale

July 16, 2018


The best Amazon Prime Day deals my family is buying! | M Loves M @marmar

Happy Monday! I hope you all had the best weekend! I know getting back into the work week groove can be a little tricky, but what better way to ease into week than a sale? Oh! How about a sale that makes your life soooo much easier? Amazon Prime has become a major staple in our house, especially since having Augustine. It’s a lot easier to “run errands” on our laptops while he’s napping than trying to plan shopping trips around his sleep schedule! There are so many must-have items that we purchase consistently through Amazon Prime. Everything from toys for Augustine to books to our favorite tea. Which is why we’re planning on taking full advantage of all the Amazon Prime Day sales happening today and tomorrow. Keep reading to check out what’s making it’s way into our virtual shopping cart!


What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is Amazon’s annual sale extravaganza that only Amazon Prime members can shop. If you’re not a member you can sign up for a free trial here.

When Can You Shop?

The sale is only 36 hours long! It started at 12 pm PST on July 16th and will be going until July 17 at 11:59 p.m. PST. But you need to act quickly if you see a deal you want. Many are selling out quickly and some deals are “Lightening Deals” where a promotion is offered in limited quantities for a short period of time!

How to Find the Best Deals

Honestly, there are a lot of deals to dig through, over a million actually! Which is why I’ve done the digging for you. I’m sharing some of the items that found their way into my shopping cart and am highlighting which categories are best to shop. I’ve linked to these categories for you so you can find the deals you’re looking for easier.

The Best Deals From the Amazon Prime Day Sale


To be totally honest with you, I’ve never really shopped for fashion items on Amazon. But after this sale, that might just change! Their fashion section has a great mix of classic items, like these nude heels, and fun trendy ones like these fun pineapple espadrilles. I am loving this stunning red party dress! Some of these style deals are just too good to resist.


The beauty section of the sale might just be my favorite. Mainly because they have plenty of really fun sheet masks to choose from! I’m planning on grabbing a few of these brightening masks.


This sale is such a good excuse to do a quick home refresh. They have everything you need to enhance your cookware or linen closet. I mean how gorgeous are these copper pots and pans?! And if you’re subscribed to my weekly newsletter, then you know how much I’ve been loving my new Instant Pot. I’m kicking myself for not waiting for this sale to purchase it.


I’d being lying if I said I didn’t step up my health and wellness game a little in the summer. There are some seriously good prices on things like vitamins, essential work out equipment, and activewear in this sale! I don’t love spending money on working out, so I’m glad I can save a little money on some of the necessities.


Amazon has quickly become one of our go-to spots for picking up tech items. We get the best deals and it’s so much easier than shopping around. Plus when we need something quick, we love knowing Amazon will get it to us in two days or less!


We can’t let Augustine miss out on all the Amazon Prime Day fun! If you have some baby showers or children’s birthday parties coming up, it’s also a good time to get some deals on fun gifts!


While we still love Netflix, we’ve found ourselves heading more and more to Amazon for entertainment. Not only do they have a killer selection of movies and TV shows on Prime Video, but you can score great deals today on books, e-readers, magazine subscriptions, music, movies and more. Like this 3 month Audible subscription. $5 month is a steal! I’ve talked a lot about my love for Audible {I’m listening to The Handmaiden’s Tale in this above photo!} and I can’t recommend it enough!

Did you find any can’t missAmazon Prime Day deals I have to know about?! Leave your faves in the comments below! I’m so curious to see what you all are stocking up on!

There’s so many great sales going on right now! Did you catch last week’s post on my best tips and favorite styles from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Keep checking back this week for even more tips on how to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and to check out what I’ll be buying!


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